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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard as the Season 8 Bachelorette: 3 Reasons She’d Be a Great Choice

Emily Maynard is sweet, classy, stylish and so gorgeous she even lives up to David Good’s beauty standard. She’s a serious catch. But would she make a good Bachelorette?

Rumors have been circulating about Emily as the rosemistress since before we knew Brad Womack would pick her at the end of The Bachelor Season 15. After Brad and Em broke up, she became a frontrunner for the Season 8 gig. Then she said she didn’t want it. Then the rumors came back anyway, followed by spoilers that it’s really happening. Some hold-outs won’t believe it until Chris Harrison says something like “Here’s Emily, your new Bachelorette!”

In the meantime, here are three arguments in favor of Ricki’s mommy as the lady of the year. In case you disagree, don’t miss our three arguments against Em.

Emily Maynard as the Season 8 Bachelorette: 3 Reasons She’d Be a Great Choice
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1. She’s, like, perfect looking
Brad Womack couldn’t take his eyes off her from the second she walked out of the Bachelor limo. As mentioned above, she was Bachelor Pad 1 winner David Good’s reference point for how drop-dead gorgeous The Bachelorette should be. Whether her hair is platinum blonde or a little darker, she is a stunner. Fans couldn’t wait to find out what she was wearing or what kind of makeup she had on. She’s a living, breathing Southern Barbie doll. If you want 25 guys to follow a woman around the world, they would follow here anywhere. As Chris Harrison said, she’s a “rock star.”

2. She’s not that dull
She was the ideal, traditional Southern lady on The Bachelor Season 15 — definitely not one of the typical Bachelor gals — but let’s be honest: She was very reserved. But on Twitter she’s funny and self-deprecating. She’s kind of adorkably clueless about technology without seeming like a ditz. And have you seen her Twitter flirtation fits with William Holman and Michelle Money’s brother, Doug Cartwright? Those two guys should probably try to find their way onto her season, if it does happen. (Bentley, feel free to stay home.) Maybe having Emily in the driver’s seat would really bring out her personality.

3. She’s polarizing
People love and borderline-hate Emily with such passion it’s almost alarming. But that’s perfect for reality TV. You want someone that inspires a strong reaction in the fan base. There’s really no controversy with Ben Flajnik, he’s just kind of there. But with Emily — some people would tune in to continue worshipping at her feet, while others would continue to think that she’s phony and said she didn’t want the gig but here she is anyway, bringing Little Ricki along for the ride. She gets people talking, that’s for sure!

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01.14.2012 / 04:12 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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