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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Doc Speak: What’s Bradicardia?

Did you miss any of the finer points regarding Henry's surgery on Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Episode 11: “This Magic Moment”? You know, despite the fact that Cristina (Sandra Oh) recited the steps every five minutes during the episode? Well, we hear ya. We heard some words we didn't recognize, so we did a little internet sleuthing to get the scoop.

Cristina said that Henry went bradycardic during the operation. Bradycardia occurs when an adult's heart beat slows to a rate of sixty beats per minute. Symptoms become noticeable, however, when the heartbeat lessens to 50 beats per minute. In some cases, an individual's bradycardia can cause cardiac arrest because the heart is not receiving enough oxygen. But that's the gravest scenario — milder symptoms include shortness of breath and fainting.

Cristina also said she performed a laser endoscopy on Henry. An endoscopy is a procedure in which the medical instrument, the endoscope, is used to inspect and examine the inside of an organ or cavity in the human body. An endoscope is unique in its ability to be inserted directly into the organ or cavity.

A laser endoscopy takes this procedure one step further by introducing intense light energy to remove or heal tissue within the organ. Often, this laser therapy can be much less intrusive than using, say, a scalpel for the same procedure.

Knowledge is power, folks! Now we're gonna take bets: who will be the first celebrity to name his or her newborn Bradycardia?

Source: MedlinePlus

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