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The Bachelor

Jenna Burke: A Guy Proposed To Me Via E-mail After The Bachelor

There really is someone for everyone out there and here’s proof: Since appearing on The Bachelor Season 16, sob sister Jenna Burke has already been asked out by a couple of guys — and one even proposed to her. And they say guys don’t like drama!

Jenna talked to Ryan Seacrest in a 9-minute interview and toward the end they talked about her dating life. What is it like to date after appearing on The Bachelor?

"Well, I'm not dating anyone right now,” said Jenna, who said she was still kind of getting over a pre-Bachelor relationship. “I'm actually focusing on myself. [...] I'm in such a better place, it's beyond amazing. You know there was a couple of guys asking me out but I'm just not there yet.”

Ryan said she should watch and wait, the floodgates would be opening soon.

"I already got, like, a proposal via e-mail or something," Jenna laughed. "I don't know, it's beyond not real. But I'm just like, I can't believe someone would propose to someone who [was] just crying all the time."

The relationship blogger said she will return to blogging on her site, The Over-Analyst, starting next week. She said she would also consider trying again with Bachelor Ben Flajnik even though she's not the aggressive type and Ben likes when women come to him.

Plus, he might be engaged to someone right now.

Listen to the full interview if you just can’t get enough from Jenna. (We sure can’t!)

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