Player’s Holiday! Inside Lamar Odom’s “Wild Night” With Strippers in Washington DC
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Player’s Holiday! Inside Lamar Odom’s “Wild Night” With Strippers in Washington DC

After a large bout of homesickness from a massive move from L.A. to Dallas and salacious claims that she’s not actually a Kardashian, it’s safe to say Khloe Kardashian isn’t having the best 2012 ever. And now, to add salt to the celebutante’s already-festering wounds, Radar Online is reporting Khloe’s husband, Dallas Maverick Lamar Odom, had a “wild night with strippers” in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

On January 8, Lam-Lam hit up the Stadium Club strip club with his teammates Shawn Marion and Delonte West before attending a ceremony thrown by President Barack Obama at the White House to honor the 2011 NBA champions. But this wasn’t any regular old trip to the strip club (if that exists): Several onlookers say Mr. Odom was definitely not behaving like a married man.

"Strippers were grinding on him," one eyewitness tells Radar. "Lamar looked to have about 500 one dollar bills in his hand and he gave all of the money to the dancers through-out the night. He made sure the girls were well taken care of. He was throwing money at the women." Another spectator even said Lamar went into a seedy back room with Khloe’s stripper doppelganger. (Don’t worry. He emerged later.)

But there are perks to having a husband whose face everyone knows. Several loyal fans of the reality princess, who were also at the strip club, took to Twitter to warn Khloe – who was chillin’ alone at the couple’s new Dallas digs – that her man was up to no good.

One of Khloe’s followers @Dai_laSoul wrote, "Lamar Odom at stadium n dc ACTING BAD @KhloeKardashian."

Khloe has yet to respond to the debacle, but we think if anybody would give their husband permission to play, it’s the always down-to-earth Khloe Kardashian. In fact, maybe more celebrity wives should take note of Khloe’s relaxed ways (cough, cough, Kim). We think there’s a lot to learn from Khlomar!

Source: Radar Online

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