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Glee Season 3, Episode 10 Promo: Our In-Depth Analysis of “Yes/No”

Too much good stuff. Not just the slogan for AMPMs nationwide. (What? We can’t be the only ones who knew that.) No, no — this time it can only describe January 17's’s wedding- and Real Housewife-scented episode promo for Season 3, Episode 10, “The Proposal," "Yes/No” in which Mr. Schue plans to propose to Emma.

The episode is only a few days away, and we're already on the edge of our seat in anticipation. Let’s analyze the goods, shall we?

Scene 1: Glee guys get greasy
Oops, sorry, that’s: Glee guys do Greaselike the movie! And even though Blaine is still dressed like a Macy’s shoe salesman in this first scene, we've uncovered evidence that points at yet another leading-man role in this ex-Warbler’s future. (Nice try.)

Scene 2: Sue smiles
Whoa, is her philanthropy-induced holiday goodness trickling into the new year for this perpetually cranky Cheerios coach? We want to believe but... one of our New Year’s resolutions is to NOT be a sucker.

Scene 3: Finn and Rachel are STILL in love!
Who knew that this formerly dysfunctional duo would end up so... stable! Not a single fight during the pre-Christmas Episode 9, and the googly-eyed glances are in abundance .

Scene 4: The proposal
Oh, you know that proposal everyone keeps raving about. Well, Mr. Schue is the one delivering it... at least in this scene. Except, it’s on a white board written in a dry-erase pen that desperately needs to be replaced (if only they hadn’t spent so much money on Christmas decorations...) We can only assume this is a first (failed) attempt at asking Emma to marry him as Matthew Morrison himself promised a WOW-worthy proposal to fans. And “Marry Me?” on a whiteboard is the exact opposite of that.

Scene 5: Sam gets slushied
In case we haven’t already said it, Welcome back to McKinley, Sam.

Scene 6: The proposal... is announced to the glee club.
OK, so, that explains the whiteboard. (Sorry for the judgement, Mr. Schue.) The New Directions coach tells his gaggle of gleeks that he’s proposing to Ms. Pillsbury and even Santana can’t keep from showing a trace of a smile at the news.

Scene 6a: Will Mr. Schue “screw it up this time”?
The New Directions doesn’t seem to think so. But from the look on his face after their well-meaning words of encouragement, we think there’s definitely going to be some room made for error.

Scene 7: Finn’s in the army now?
Not quite. But with his post-high school dreams still in limbo, we’re not surprised he’s considering this route. Of course, this could cut down Glee’s googly eyes output (see: Scene 3) significantly once Rachel finds out.

Scene 8: Becky’s got the hots for...
Artie! First she kissed his ex-girlfriend, and now she’s itchin’ to rip off the A-man’s sweater vests? Watch out, Santana. There’s a new “top ho” in town.

Scene 9: Emma is in a wedding dress
But more importantly... so are Sue and Coach Beiste! Since we can easily write this scene off as some strange hallucination of a freaked-out Mr. Schue (see: Scene 6a), we can not dismiss their fascinating nod to some very special Royal Wedding guests.

Scene 10: Shirtless Sam... in a Speedo...
Or at least, that’s what we hope, as the camera doesn’t pan that far down in this clip. As we know, Sam joins synchronized swimming.. under the (false) assumption that it’s sexy enough to win ex Mercedes back. **UPDATE: We know now that this scene also features a back view of Glee's newest guest star, NeNe Leakes, as Coach Roz. Did you catch it?!**

Scene 11: Finn does NOT think synchronized swimming is sexy
And now that we think about it, the bullies in Scene 5 probably don’t think so either. But will Mercedes? Our suggestion: Go back to Scene 10 and get back to us with your answer.

01.15.2012 / 08:30 PM EDT by Semhar Debessai
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