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Glee’s Top Five Finchel Moments So Far — Which Is YOUR Fave?

There’s no denying that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn’s (Cory Monteith) relationship on Glee has at times been about as bumpy as a mule ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. But we love them not only for their giddy highs — but also because their relationship often reflects the ups and down of a real romance.

That said, what we’re really interested in are the ups, so here are our top 5 Finchel moments. We’re hoping Season 3 continues to bring even more!

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5. Finn surprises Rachel with a star necklace. [Season 2, Episode 12: “Silly Love Songs”]
Finn is apparently a big fan of giving Rachel star-based presents — for example, registering a star for her as a Christmas present — but our favorite of these gifts was his star necklace, at a time when he and Rachel weren’t even an item. This surprising gesture let us know that there still might be life left in this couple after all. (Okay, so it wasn’t a diamond necklace, but does Finn really have money to be making trips to Jared? We think not.)

4. Finn says he’ll never break up with Rachel. (Well, so much for that!) [Season 2, Episode 1: “Audition”]
Okay, so we now know that Finn’s claim to never dump Rachel wasn’t entirely accurate, since he would in fact do just that later in the season. But it was still a touching scene, and a sign that Finchel — for all their Season 1 turbulence — might really be something special. (The lesson here: Never cheat on your boyfriend with Puck [Mark Salling], no matter how tempting it might be.)

3. They finally make “music” together. [Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time”]
Sure, it would have been even more magical if Finn had hung on to his v-card for the occasion, too, but we guess we’re willing to let that slide. Finchel’s first time was still a memorable scene — and we even appreciated how chaste and sweet it was. We just wish that Rachel hadn’t at first made it sound like she was sleeping with Finn because of his Ohio State rejection. (Translation: Nobody wants pity sex!)

2. Finn smooches Rachel — in front of a huge audience! [Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”]
Was this onstage kiss awkward? Most definitely, especially since the group blames it for their twelfth-place (ouch!) finish. But was it the kind of thing that we totally wish would have happened to us? Heck, yes! And above all, this adorable moment was Finchel in a nutshell: Of course these two would kiss onstage for hundreds of people to see. In fact, we have a feeling that a budding star like Rachel wouldn’t have it any other way!

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1. Finn tells Rachel “I love you”; we squeal at a pitch so high that only dolphins can hear it. [Season 1, Episode 22: “Journey”]
Every time we list our most-romantic Glee moments, this backstage “I love you” at Regionals — followed by their mind-blowingly amazing duet on “Faithfully” — always tops the list. And why wouldn’t it? Finn and Rachel had yet to get serious about each other, so after weeks of watching Finn prove his affections for Rachel, he finally sums it up with those three simple words. And if you don’t love Finchel, well, then you just might be as cranky as Sue Sylvester.

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