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The Bachelor

Brittney Schreiner Rejects Bachelor Ben Flajnik in Season 16, Episode 3! Should She Have Given Him A Chance?

Bring back Grandma Sheryl! She’s the one who said she fell madly in love with Bachelor Ben Flajnik, not her granddaughter, Brittney Schreiner.

In Season 16, Episode 3, Brittney decided to reject Ben’s one-on-one date offer — even after he gave her the key to the City by the Bay — opting instead to pull a reverse-Shawntel Newton and walk out on a chance to find love (on TV). Brittney seemed to be conflicted about Ben and told him goodbye in a tearful chat. It was vaguely similar to the goodbye talk Madison “Fang Girl” Garton gave to Brad Womack last season. When you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it.

But was it too soon to tell? Do you think she was just tired of the competitive drama and wanted to go home? Should she have given Ben a real chance? You never know — they may have had a connection. How can you tell until you spend some real time with someone? Wasn’t that the point of being there? Would you have stuck around just to see what happens — and maybe travel the world?

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