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Cutest Caskett Moments From Season 4, Episode 12, ”Dial M for Mayor”

Castle Season 4, Episode 12 “Dial M for Mayor” wasn’t exactly the most Caskett-heavy episode in the show’s history.

(Of course, we will admit our standards were probably a little higher after being spoiled by the love fest that was Ryan and Jenny’s wedding last episode.)

But, even with a case that threatened to tear their partnership apart and really high tensions, Castle and Beckett still shared some cute — or at the very least, emotional — moments.

Check out the best Caskett moments from Season 4, Episode 12 “Dial M for Mayor” below.

3. Castle and Beckett Argue Over the Case

Cute isn’t exactly the word we’d use to describe Castle and Beckett’s mid-case fight over whether the mayor is the killer, but the emotion in Beckett’s eyes makes it very clear that she’s having a far bigger dilemma in her mind than wondering whether the mayor offed a young girl.

The issue here is whether she should go with her gut and pursue the case, or back down because any move on the Mayor could cost him — and Castle — their jobs.

2. ''Are You Saying You're a Suspect''?

Later, Beckett finds out the killer was wearing cashmere. “So we can narrow our suspects down to rich men with impeccable taste?”Rick asks.

“Are you saying you’re a suspect?” Beckett responds.

Oh my! Was that flirting we detect?

1. ''And I Would Never Ask You To.''

After Beckett kicks him off the case, Castle calls up the shadowy figure for advice. He tells Castle to “listen” to the evidence.

So, Castle goes all writer-guy and finishes the investigation on his own. Then, he asks Beckett to meet with him.

“I can’t apologize for doing my job, Castle,” she says.

“And I would never ask you to,” he responds.

And with that, Castle pegs the killer — er, the guy who contacted the killer —and saves the day!

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