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Gossip Girl Spoiler for “The End of the Affair?”: What Will Happen With Charlie?

We know that what you're really dying to see on tonight's return of Gossip Girl is the aftermath of Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick)'s near-fatal car accident ― but don't forget that there's unfinished business with a certain Charlie Rhodes (Kaylee DeFer)! Errr, Ivy Dickens!

When last we spotted Ivy, she was confessing her sins to Papa Humphrey at the hospital ― after, YOU KNOW, basically causing everything (grrrrr!) ― and then she slipped out into the night to let the realllll family have their moment. (Do we sound bitter? WE ARE.)

But she won't be gone for too long...

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network    

Executive Producer Joshua Safran tells Zap2it that the van der Woodsens will be dealing with her truth-telling in tonight's episode, "The End of the Affair?".

"[It] is dealt with in the first episode back... both whether they think she's crazy, what they believe and how she reacts," Safran details. And while he says that the family "honestly want to believe [she's part of the family]," he also warns that "the one person who isn't so comfortable with them believing is Ivy herself."

So after all the back-stabbing, blackmailing and deception, we're to believe that the real Ivy has a heart?! F'real? Maybe nearly causing two people's deaths because you were so wrapped up in your own treachery is screwing with her head... Who'da thought? (Do we sound bitter? We areee!)

Safran told TVLine of Charlie's continuing tale, "The story takes some surprising turns."

At least it looks like Nate's bowing out of this craziness...

Source: Zap2it, TVLine

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01.17.2012 / 03:37 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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