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The Bachelorette

Is The Bachelor Season 16 Just an Audition for Bachelor Pad 3? — Exclusive Interview With Natalie Getz

Natalie Getz first made her splash in the mansion’s pool on The Bachelor 13 when she was vying for Jason Mesnick’s love. If you missed that, we’re sure you watched Nat and her partner David Good win the first season of Bachelor Pad! So what does the Bachelor nation’s resident outspoken fashionista think about Ben Flajnik’s season so far? Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with her exclusively to get all the gossip!

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Wetpaint Entertainment: What have you been up to since Bachelor Pad?

Natalie Getz: Working very hard and staying focused on my career in fashion! I have been doing a lot of styling, writing, hosting, etc. My highlight was filming several episodes alongside Melissa Rivers for and Melissa's website I, of course, still focus on my websites, and Other than work, I've been dating some awesome guys, having fun with my girlfriends, traveling, and most importantly, I spend about one week a month in Chicago with my incredible family!

Let’s talk about Ben’s season. What did you mean when you said the contestants need to “come back down to earth” on Gossip With Getz?

I feel as though as the seasons continue, some contestants get these ridiculous egos about themselves and think they are better than everyone. It's a shame to see this happen. Also, some of these girls seem to be there to make obnoxious characters of themselves in order to get on Bachelor Pad 3. I feel bad for the casting department, because how do you know whether someone is there for Ben or Bachelor Pad!

How has the show changed over the years? What’s it like now in your opinion?

I didn't ever watch it before my season, but since The Bachelor Season 13, I have noticed that not everyone is as sincere as they were on my season. I can honestly say every girl on my season was into Jason and open to being with him. I feel like people like the idea of being on TV more than they do falling in love.

Why do you think so many couples from the franchise don’t make it?

I think it's because so many of our relationships don't work out in real life and this is a gamble as to whether it will work in front of millions. I also think with time, people can see things in others they didn't see in the first three months. Maybe someone wasn't being "real" because the camera was on them and they were nervous or felt uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts on Lindzi Cox and the horse on Episode 1?

I think it was a genius idea. I'm so sick of the cheesy pickup lines, awkward hugs, and kisses out of the limo. Her entrance was refreshing, and she looked empowering and sexy pulling up on that horse! I really like Lindzi a lot...hope she goes far!

How about Kacie Boguskie? Is she a good catch — or boring, and will she stick around?

She is a great catch! The girls that are "boring" to watch are almost a good thing. It means they are very normal. I think she is probably a lot of fun, but is just not dramatic or ridiculous in a sort of way. She did, however, get a little snippy over the Blakeley situation as she chimed in with the other girls while they were making fun of her. Maybe we aren't seeing the whole side of Kacie B? Hmmmm…

What about Blakeley Shea? Was she too intense? Were the girls too hard on her in Episode 2?

I think that Blakeley is there for Ben. I truly do. She says she doesn't care what the other girls think and that she isn't there to make friends. I get it… BUT, in real life it's important to make good impressions on those around you. The girls not liking her is a big sign for Ben. Why would he want to fall for someone that nobody likes? Blakeley needs to realize that building friendships is also important when seeking out love.

Courtney Robertson: Is she real or fake – and how far will she make it?

Real. She seems to own her personality and that is real to her. Is it a personality we like? Maybe not so much. I think she will go incredibly far only because Ben may not see her interactions with the other girls. With that said, how is he supposed to know how she interacts with people in the outside world? Ben needs someone down to earth, girl-next-door, and sweet.

Which girl gives other girls the worst reputation?

Samantha (Levey) is nuts! She has issues with some of the girls and is so frustrated by Blakeley that it's showing an ugly side of her to Ben. She is the loud-mouthed instigator of the group, gathering all the girls to chime in on her bashing. She needs to chill out. I wouldn't want to be friends with someone like that. Who honestly wears a pageant sash to make a good first impression? Oh yes, let's not forget that Samantha did this on night one.

For more with Natalie, tune in Tuesdays to her web show — Gossip With Getz on at 5:00PM PST!

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