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New Bones Spoilers: David Boreanaz Spills More Details About Brennan’s Baby

This week, we can offer our heartfelt gratitude to David Boreanaz (Booth) for helping us survive the eternal Bones hiatus strangling us until late March. In fact, Boreanaz was so eager to divulge spoilers that he blabbed to two separate news outlets! And with Brennan (Emily Deschanel)’s fervently awaited baby-delivery next in the queue of episodes, you can probably guess what Boreanaz wanted to talk about.

First, there’s Entertainment Weekly, where Boreanaz used some choice words to describe the much-heralded birth: namely, “dangerous, unpredictable, scary, loud, [and] somewhat disturbing[.]” But then there’s an upside: “with a sense of pine nuts in the air, cherry blossoms and a bit of chocolate.” Uh... are we talking about a birth or a fine wine?

Additionally, as EW reports, Boreanaz might be directing the Season 7 finale... or maybe not. Considering how well he’s done directing in the past, we’re going to keep our fingers crossed for the former scenario!

Moving on, if you’d prefer your spoilers with fewer adjectives, Boreanaz was willing to employ a few more verbs with TV Guide, where he dropped some plot hints. “There’s some trauma that happens that may twist the series a bit,” Boreanaz said... and immediately, we start worrying. They’re not going to kill another squintern, are they?! Because we know what happens when squinterns die (bow-chicka-wow-wow!).

On the bright side, though, as TV Guide tells it, “[l]ightening the mood” for B&B “was the fake baby they worked with covered in ‘grape jelly and cream cheese.’” So are we having a baby sandwich with that fine wine? Nerve-wrackingly enough, we’ll have to wait until March to find out.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Twitter, TV Guide

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