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The Lying Game

Recap of The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 13: “Pleased to Meet Me”: The Switcheroo

Sigh, everything is right with the world now that Sutton’s back in our lives. Emma’s (Alexandra Chando) reign of fashion terror is over, we can finally stop having nightmares about clown pants, and The Lying Game is about to get ten times more snarky. But where has the Suttster been and what’s stopping her from exposing Emma’s big, fat lie? You have questions, we have answers! Here’s our recap of Season 1, Episode 13, “Pleased to Meet Me.”

Forgive and Forget

Last time we checked in on the gamers, they were knee deep in an emo montage about Sutton’s death, when who should appear but Sutton herself — totally and completely not dead. Thayer (Christian Alexander), Emma, and Ethan (Blair Redford) greet their frenemy with an eye roll and assume that she’s been playing a prank on them — but Sutton dramatically swoops back her hair and reveals (gasp!) a giant gash on her forehead! Looks like someone really did try to kill her. Either that or she went fake-blood shopping.

Emma, Sutton, and their men folk head over to the cabin in the woods (nope, still have no idea who owns said cabin), and Sutton explains that she has zero memories of who attacked her in the car, just that Annie Hobbes saved her. We’re shocked too, but word on the street is that Annie dragged Sutton out of the water and saw a “dark-haired guy” swim to shore. Mysterious....

Sutton’s eager to prove she isn’t lying, so she brings the boys to her motel to meet Annie, but surprise, surprise, she isn’t there. The Suttster takes the opportunity to convince Ethan that she’s “changed,” and we assume she’s talking about her new hobby: making ugly hippie clothes into works of art. Hm… looks like Ethan might be willing to forgive and forget, considering that he’s letting her sleep in his trailer while Dan (Tyler Christopher) is out of town! Bow-chicka-wow-wow?

Meanwhile, the gang decides that Emma should keep being Sutton so that whoever is trying to kill her won’t know the real Sutton is back! Just go with it.

Credit: Felicia Graham/ABCFamily Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

The next morning, Sutton wakes up to find Thayer wearing a tie and barbecuing on Ethan’s grill for no explicable reason. Apparently, he’s come over to drop off some supplies so Sutton can keep her head down. They have major real-talk about that time they slept together, but don’t worry guys — it looks like they’ll still be friends despite Thayer’s hurt feelings.

Later that day, Emma stops by Ethan’s trailer to have lunch with Sutton, and Thayer shows up with proof that Sutton wasn’t lying: A video of Annie Hobbes in the hotel parking lot! After her co-conspirators leave, Sutton sneaks into the Mercer house, turns on some tunes, and reacquaints herself with the fab life. Which apparently means rolling around on her bed in a pile of designer clothes, costume jewelry and cucumber peels. Sigh, typical teenager.

Unfortch, Kirsten (Helen Slater) interrupts Sutton’s fun to grill her about school, while Emma hides in a corner and overhears their convo. After Kiki peaces out (presumably in a fit of tears after being snarked at by Sutton), Emma chews her sister out for mistreating their mom.

Oh well, at least Kirsten has her new frenemy, Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter), who’s helping her put together a silent auction for charity — much to Ted’s (Andy Buckley) chagrin. Turns out Rebecca used to work in the music industry, and knows some “hip, young” indie bands that might be able to work the benefit. Cue Laurel (Allie Gonino), tragically strumming on her violin in the corner. Could she be a star in the making?

Mistaken Identity

It’s the night of the charity party, and Rebecca’s house is hopping with middle-aged people and testosterone-fueled teenagers. First up is our girl Mads (Alice Greczyn), who’s still super torn up about Eduardo, her former dance teacher who died in a freak break-dancing battle (or something). But it’s time for girlfriend to move on, and who better to do so with than Ryan Harwell (Misha Crosby), a British hottie who was just kicked out of boarding school (bad-boy alert!).

Mads is a little reluctant to jump into the sack with Ryan because he’s a preppy rich kid, but Thayer seems on board with his little sis dating a new man — especially after Ryan secretly delivers a pizza to Mads topped with tickets to her favorite ballet! Aw, this kid is a regular Chuck Bass.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) are flirting up a storm during the auction. Looks like they’ve finally realized how creepy/sexy each other are, and they’re ready to take their cagey conversations about the past to the next level: eye-flirting!

While Rebecca and Alec make love with their minds, Laurel’s busy becoming an independent woman thanks to Becca’s encouragement. Naturally, this means taking to the stage and busting out a random song on her violin. Someone hand us a box of tissues… and a can of Red Bull because things are about to get real.

After a rousing performance, Justin (Randy Wayne) comes up to Laurel in an attempt to win her back, and she gives him an ultimatum: tell her what’s up or GTFO. Justin opts for the truth, which is simple: Mr. Mercer killed his mom. Turns out Teddy made a mistake during her appendix surgery because he was “nervous” and “distracted” after a phone call, and Justin (not his real name, be tee dubs) is in town to plot revenge. No big deal.

The Switcheroo
On the floor after a fainting spell? Come back to us, fan girls, because things are about to get even more intense. Over at the Mercer house, Sutton is in the middle of styling herself pretty when she catches someone trying to break into her room! She books it over to the auction to meet up with Thayer, but Kirsten wanders into the street and sees Sutton’s bleeding forehead, giving her no choice but to take back her life.

You know what this means: It’s over for Emma. Poor girl has to change out of her party dress and give it to Sutton so she can reclaim her throne as Phoenix’s queen bee, and then she spends the rest of the episode all gloomy about the fact that she no longer has a walk-in closet. Emma just got beaten at her own game — but hey, at least she has Ethan. For now....

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