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The Kardashians

Top 5 OMG Moments From Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 8: Kim Confesses She’s Unhappy in Her Marriage

Choosing just a few ridiculous moments from any Kourtney & Kim Take New York episode is always quite the challenge. Whether it’s Kris Humphries behaving like a child (wait! That’s all the time!) or Kourtney staging a sister intervention, somebody is always making us gasp. Here are the top five moments from Season 2, Episode 8 that made us go “For real?

5. Kris Talks Like the Cookie Monster
It’s no surprise to us anymore when Kris Humphries acts like a child, but busting out the Cookie Monster voice at a fancy schmancy dinner was a whole new level of obnoxious.

4. Scott and Kourtney Sleep in the Same Bed – For a Night
After her therapist informs her that, yes, maybe it is time for Kourtney Kardashian to transition baby Mason out of her bed and let boyfriend Scott Disick back in, Kourt and Scott give it a whirl – well, with Mason still stuck right in between them. Still, much to everyone’s surprise, the trio makes it through the night without a hitch. One step – er, night – at a time.

3. Kris Refuses to Hang out with Kim
Kim Kardashian invites Kris to come hang with her and BFF, PR exec Jonathan Cheban. However K. Hump is too busy “working” on his laptop to go enjoy the beautiful day with his wife. We don’t know what kind of “work” an NBA player does online, but we have a feeling it involves either World of Warcraft or looking at naked ladies. Later, Kris completely dismisses Kim when she comes to him to vent about her situation with Khloe.

2. Kim’s Paranoid!
Kim’s attempt to apologize to Khloe shows us a whole new side to the celebutante: a paranoid, slightly delusional one. Kim tells Khloe she feels that she’s always doing things to hurt her, and that she thinks Khloe feels “threatened” by Kris being a basketball player. Say what? Last we checked, Khloe’s baller husband was still nominated to the NBA All Star roster, and still making three times the salary of Kim’s then-husband. Sounds like someone’s projecting…

1. Kim Breaks Down
Poor Kim. In the final scene of the episode, Kim finally apologizes to Khloe for acting like a total bitch the past few weeks. But, in typical Kim Kardashian fashion, she doesn’t just say she’s sorry; she explains that the real reason she’s been treating everyone around her like a pair of shoes from Payless is that she’s actually really “unhappy” In her marriage. She says she’s embarrassed and feels she jumped into it too quickly. While Khloe could’ve easily looked at her sobbing sis and said “Told ya so!”, she comforts her instead. Now that’s what family is all about.

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