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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16 Rumor Update! Chris Harrison on Why Courtney Robertson COULDN’T Have Been Spotted With Ben Flajnik’s Dog, Scotch

Hey, remember the recent rumor that The Bachelor Season 16 contestant Courtney Robertson was spotted walking Ben Flajnik's dog, Scotch? It was supposedly evidence in favor of Courtney winning this thing. Well, Chris Harrison isn't having it. He talked to Ryan Seacrest, whose source launched the rumor, and amid their discussion of Shawntel Newton returning to the show and the multiple times that Erika Uhlig fainted before being dumped, Chris argued that Courtney couldn't have been spotted with Scotch:

I heard that she was in an exercise class, and she was hanging out up in San Francisco. If indeed Courtney is the one, we would never be so ridiculous as to just let our happy couple just hang out, and that is if there is a happy couple to be had. The truth is, she was actually in New York working that week. It definitely was not Courtney hanging out.

Listen to the whole interview for more from our beloved Rosemaster. One noteworthy part: We’re not the only ones who think Ben needs to spend some quality time with a barber.


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