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Biggest WTF Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 12: “Dial M for Mayor”

On Season 4, Episode 12: “Dial M for Mayor,” Castle fans witnessed what may have been the most massive twist of all-time on any TV show ever when the mysterious man who received Monty’s Johanna Beckett files in Season 3 re-emerges as the one person who can help Castle crack the case and save the Mayor’s career — and his own place at the precinct.

But that wasn’t the only moment that had our jaws hitting the floor. From a curious lawyer cropping up at just the right (or wrong) time to a magical disappearance by the mystifying shadowy figure, this week’s Castle was bursting with moments that made us go “No way!”

Check out the Top 5 WTF Moments from Season 4, Episode 12: “Dial M for Mayor” below!

4. Mr. Shadowy Figure Disappears Behind a Car!

When Castle and the shadowy figure first meet in the dark alley, they exchange only a few words before an SUV pulls up and blinds Castle with its headlights. By the time the car pulls away, Mr. Shadowy Figure is gone. Poof. Like magic. Seriously, who is this guy? And can he please teach us how to disappear on command?

3. A Professor Turns Sex Phone Operator!

Why in the world would a smart, promising tenured professor skip town, disconnect her cell phone and cut off all her prestigious family and friends? To become a sex phone operator, of course!

When Castle and Beckett were investigating the series of odd jobs Laura Cambridge took after she left the university, they scope out DAG Corp. Assuming it’s a sweat shop or some other shady biz, the crime writer and his muse bust down the door — only to discover it’s a sex phone company!

Later, Laura’s book agent informs them she was doing live research for the way the “other half” lives. But still, all those women — some as old as our grandmothers — holed up in one office making bedroom voices? So. Weird.

2. A Lawyer Surprise!

Just when Jordan Norris is about to divulge the name of the person he contacted to have Laura Cambridge done in, a lawyer — who Norris has clearly never seen before — bursts into the interrogation room and tells him not to speak without his consult.

Um, whoa there. Where did this rigid dude come from? And how did he know where Jordan Norris was? And is he (presumably) connected to the Johanna Beckett murderers, too? Oh, we have so many questions!

1. Laura Cambridge’s Murder Is Linked to Johanna Beckett’s!

No moment had us gasping quite like when the mysterious man who received the files in Season 3 called Castle again. “Mr. Castle, do you remember me? I called you before about Detective Beckett’s safety,” he says.

Of course he remembers!

“Once again, Mr. Castle, it seems that we need to talk.” Cue the ominous music. We knew things were about to get weird.

Luckily, Mr. Shadowy Figure turns out to be a help, not a hindrance, to the case. But we still have no freaking clue who he is or why he cares so much about protecting Kate Beckett …

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