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Castle Spoiler: Will Castle and Beckett Have Sex in Season 4, Episode 14: “The Blue Butterfly”?

Ever since Stana Katic spilled the beans about the much-anticipated Castle-Beckett smooch in Season 4, Episode 14, "The Blue Butterfly," we've been dying to know more.

Is the kiss between Rick and Kate as they exist in the present day, or between their 1940s alter-egos living inside Castle's mind?

Unfortunately, it's the latter. Nonetheless, Stana promises we'll be very pleased with how the fantasy plays out.

"It's probably the best version of what Castle and Beckett should be, I think, for fans," she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"The gangster's moll [played by Beckett] falls in love with the P.I., Castle's character, and we have to find a way to escape from the gangster, who's a really bad guy played by Mark Pellegrino."

We know what you're thinking — Castle and Beckett running from a bad guy? Sounds like every episode of Castle so far, except minus the fedoras. But according to Stana, there's a lot more to the story …

"Of course," she continues, "people who fall in love do things that people who fall in love do. [Laughs] We'll see those two enjoying each other in a way that Castle and Beckett haven't figured out yet."

Wait a minute. Is Stana talking about the S-word? Are Castle and Beckett going to do the deed?!

As excited as we are, something tells us this isn't the first time Rick has fantasized about bedding his beloved muse. He did write Heat Wave, after all …

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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