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The X Factor

Chris Rene on Post-X Factor Career: “I Was Born to Do This”

While it may seem like Josh Krajcik is pursuing his Grammy in fits and starts, Chris Rene is champing at the bit to get started on a big, shiny post-X Factor music career. In an interview with TV Line, Rene opened up about his aspirations, with an extra heaping helping of his past and a side of nostalgic gossip about this past season of The X Factor.

X Factor fans are well aware of Rene’s penchant for original material, and Chris made it clear in yesterday’s interview that he had no regrets about shoehorning some homemade singles into his repertoire on Fox. First there’s “Young Homie,” which Rene wrote with his sister, Gina, and which he hoped would reach out to people in circumstances like his. “I was actually very happy” to storm the X Factor auditions with the song, Rene said, “because I knew someone out there might be going through the same thing as me.”

Then there’s “Where Do We Go From Here?,” another family collaboration (this one with brother Gabriel) intended to stir kindred souls across America. Rene definitely showed some backbone in choosing this second original for his “Save Me” song, considering that the X Factor bigwigs had different plans. “[O]riginally,” Rene explained, “the track I had, well, it wasn’t my taste[.]… So I grabbed the guitar and said, ‘Please listen to this. I want this to be my ‘Save Me’ song.’” The rest, as we know, is history.

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When it comes to his post-X Factor career, Rene is up to the task of juggling and sorting through the many musical genres he can pull off. “Right now, I would like to work on an album of songs more like ‘Young Homie,’” he declared (unsurprisingly, perhaps, considering the song’s popularity!), “but bring more [live] instruments as well.” And Rene’s dream is to do a bunch of songs and then redo them acoustic-style— “it would be very interesting for people to see those songs from two sides” for sure, but it’s not a bad marketing strategy, either!

One more thing worth noting? X Factor fans might be interested to read that Rene narrowly avoided a disaster in his performance of “Pastime Paradise.” “I was actually supposed to go with [Coolio’s] verse… but the beat came in really quick and I was like, ‘Oops.’ So I just went into my lyrics right away.” And that’s how Coolio gets snubbed in a cover of Coolio’s own song! But we’re pretty sure that there are no hard feelings.

In any event, it shouldn’t be too long before Chris Rene fans can uncross their fingers and pull out their credit cards. Knowing as we do that Rene’s music career is already off the ground, we have every confidence that the CDs are soon to hit the shelves!

Source: TV Line

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01.18.2012 / 02:50 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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