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Glee Relationship Update: Don’t Worry! Tonight’s Finchel Drama is “Not a Bad Thing”

We understand if you have concerns going into tonight's brand new Glee Season 3, Episode 10: "Yes/No"...

There are all those proposals being teased! There's heartbreak for Finn (Cory Monteith)! There's a shotgun wedding! Some potential Klaine troubles! Samcedes drama! (Seriously... every relationship seems headed for disaster ― WHAT GIVES?!) And then there's the big, twisty ending that's supposed to rock us to our very CORE! Ahhh!

But here's one sigh of relief you can take in anticipation...

E! Online reports that what goes down between our resident hetero lovebirds, Finchel, "is not a bad thing" and that we can "forget any rumors about a breakup that you hear."


Perhaps then Finn's trouble is mostly in regards to his rocky future? And we'll have at least a week's reprieve from any relaysh drama between then two? Or maybe we're still looking at that... questionably received proposal?

Okay, okay, we'll just wait and see...

Source: E! Online

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01.18.2012 / 02:48 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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