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Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Chris Colfer’s Tight Leather Jumpsuit ― TMI Alert?

We know you’re been bitin’ nails, anxiously awaiting the return of Glee in two weeks ― we are too! ― and it looks like Chris Colfer (Kurt) knows your pain... At the FOX party at last weekend’s TCAs, Chris dished some goods to The Insider on the upcoming Grease tribute ep that will ramp up your excitement even more!

Chris gave some more scoop from behind the scenes of last night's Season 3, Episode 10: “Yes/No” proposal ep. But a featured song between would-be duo Sam and Mercedes might be the one we’re most looking forward to! You've already heard Tthe couple formerly known as Samcedes duet on “Summer Nights” (watch it here!), but did you realize that Chris Colfer was... RIZZO?

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Explains Chris, “[Kurt] was with the girls ― by my request. Originally he was with the boys but I called Ryan [Murphy] and said, ‘What do the boys have that Kurt wants?!?’ There’s no way he’d be hanging with them. He’d be gabbing with the girls over sandwiches and mac & cheese. He completely agreed and I was put with the girls, which is great because I get to be Rizzo!”

And there’s more! Chris was busy talking up the show’s Michael Jackson-themed ep as well, saying that he’s most excited for fans to see a particular leather jumpsuit that he’ll be donning...

“I have to say, when you’re singing and dancing all day in a leather onesie, it starts to smell,” Chris said. “I don’t have B.O. typically but I actually put a car air freshener inside the jumpsuit and it stained my skin. I had a little yellow Christmas tree on my stomach for a good week! Just in time for the holidays.”

TMI, Chris, TMI!

We’re guessing we should keep an eye out for the unique little outfit during the group sing-along to “Black or White” (seems too odd a choice for the ballad “Ben,” right??).

Source: The Insider

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01.18.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Ashley Graham
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