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Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Damian McGinty on Rory’s Love Life

Oh, Damian McGinty (Rory) ― we just love you!

In an adorable interview with E! Online at Sunday's Golden Globes, Damian was all-smiles (and a little blushy!) talking about an upcoming ep that sees Rory... gettin' the girl?

Yep! Looks like things are about to get romantic for Rory, though the star was a lil' mum on specifics. "I want Rory to have a girlfriend," Damian confessed. "And it could happen pretty soon, so watch out! I've seen the most recent script last week and, yeah, there is [a new Rory romance.]"

He continued, "I'm excited because the storyline is not as simple as Rory just getting a girl. He doesn't quite have the girl but he kind of does and then there's like a whole story behind it that is going to continue through the season where people might see a different side of Rory."

Sounds... complicated? Mostly, we're just pretty sure Damian's stoked on his episode run continuing through the season! (And so are we!)

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And, should he be back for season four ― and it's kinda sounding more and more like that's a possibility ― he's relieved that the shows "core characters" will be returning in the fall to take the pressure off the newbies...

"I think it's good news for fans, and it's good news for the show itself," Damian said of the concept for season four and the return of some familiar faces. "It would have been nearly impossible to continue with Glee and have eight or nine people leave the show. It would have left a lot of pressure on new people ― like, possible me. It's gonna be totally different than ever before, and I can't wait."

Another highlight soon to come for the actor? He'll be singing one of his "favorite songs of all time" on an upcoming ep, which he just so happened to pitch to Ryan Murphy himself! Way to go, Damian!

Source: E! Online

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01.18.2012 / 12:44 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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