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Revenge Spoilers and Sneak Peeks Round-up for Episode 13, ”Commitment”

Love is ... blind. A song. A battlefield. A drug. It hurts. It's all you need.

For Emily Thorne, love is a tool for vengeance.

And in Revenge episode 13, "Commitment," she uses it to get one step closer to taking down the Graysons for what they did to her father. She uses it to get engaged to their son, Daniel Grayson.

Could she possibly love Daniel in return? Maybe. But this is cold-hearted, calculating Emily Thorne we're talking about. You just know this was all part of her secret, elaborate plan.

In this clip, Daniel proposes. Perhaps he has ulterior motives, too, but it's clear, this is a boy in love:

Emily does have a soft spot, and it's for her childhood sweetheart, Jack Porter. When she realizes he's getting serious with the girl he believes is Amanda Clarke, she warns him to be careful:

Meanwhile, "Amanda" is taking tea with Victoria Grayson, who has suspicions about her identity:

Judging from the promo (watch below), it also looks like the Hamptons aren't so safe and sunny anymore. And according to creator Mike Kelley, Emily's quest for vengeance will get kicked up a notch this episode.

“In Episode 13 ,we made a decision to give Emily a solid reason to reinvest in messing these peoples’ lives up," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Even though we love humanizing Victoria, we also love revealing another layer of wickedness. And so in episode 13, we do both those things. We reinvest Emily, we reveal something very dark about Victoria.”

01.18.2012 / 10:32 PM EDT by Kara Weston
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