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Should Detective Ryan Have Told Beckett About the Link to Her Mother’s Murder on Castle? You Tell Us!

In Season 4, Episode 12: “Dial M for Mayor,” Rick Castle receives another mysterious phone call from the same elusive man who received Monty’s files in the Season 3 finale, and who asked him to keep Kate Beckett safe — by stopping her from digging into her mother’s case.

This time around, the enigmatic dude calls Castle to offer his help solving the case at hand so that Castle doesn’t lose his job at the precinct — and therefore, the ability to shield Kate from the truth.

Castle still doesn’t know the creepy guy’s real identity, who he works for or why he gives a damn about Kate Beckett’s life, but he does know Mr. Shadowy Figure has insider info on the mayor’s case.

Just to keep his bases covered, Castle ops to tell Detective Ryan that the Laura Cambridge case might somehow be linked to Johanna Beckett’s murder. And then, he asks Ryan not to tell Beckett.

We all know the 12th precinct’s darling has a pretty tight bond with her sidekicks, Ryan and Espo, and for Castle to ask Ryan to keep something so massive from her is def a big deal. But as it turns out — at least, as far as we know — Ryan kept his lips sealed, and Beckett still has no idea about the shadowy figure, or the potential link to her mother’s case.

But one big question remains: Did Ryan make the right move withholding such pertinent info from his teammate?

What do you think, Castle fans? Was Ryan in the right, or should he have been honest with Beckett — no matter the outcome?

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01.18.2012 / 11:30 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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