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Jersey Shore

Where Should Jersey Shore Season 6 Film: Our Picks

Jersey Shore appears to have found a winning formula. Odd numbered seasons take place in Seaside Heights, the natural territory of the guido. During even numbered seasons, however, the cast gets whisked off to foreign lands like Italy and Miami, and have to deal with Big Cultural Differences, like language gaps and a lack of juiced up juice-heads to dance with at the club.

Rumor has it MTV is already scouting non-Seaside locations for Season 6, and we have a few thoughts about our dream Jersey Shore re-locations. Here are our top five picks for Season 6:

Australia: Ronnie suggested this idea. We like it, but instead of Sydney or Melbourne, the guidos should go camping in the outback. Deadly animals, broken nails, screaming meatballs... What could go wrong?

Las Vegas: What happens in Vegas gets broadcast on national TV. Apparently MTV is considering this one, and it's definitely the best pick if the goal is to get the cast as drunk and rowdy as possible around the clock. Plus, who doesn't want to see Deena attempt to play blackjack?

Los Angeles: MTV also reportedly scouted LA. The cast is always talking about their big Hollywood dreams — Vinny is the only one who has scored a real role so far, but they almost all have acting ambitions — and LA, like Miami, is deceptively close to Jersey culture, but with plenty of differences ripe for hilarious misunderstandings.

New York City: The cast is familiar enough with NYC that they wouldn't freak, and the big city vibe would be a good change of pace from beaches, nice weather, and the relatively small Florence. One catch: Instead of a luxurious penthouse, they're stuck living in a loft in hipster Brooklyn.

Road trip: JWOWW suggested the show take it on the road with a good ol' fashioned motor-home road-trip across the country. We think this is a brilliant idea. Imagine the possibilities: The broken traffic laws, the angst over lack of tanning beds in the van, the tears when they can't find a Karma replacement in rural Alabama. And hey, maybe the Macaroni Rascals would even learn something.

Where do you want Season 6 to take place? Weigh in at our Facebook page.

Catch the macaroni rascals on a new episode of Jersey Shore on Thursday, January 19 at 10 pm ET/PT on MTV.

01.18.2012 / 02:38 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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