Dana Wilkey Doesn’t Think the Housewives Should Have Been Cordial to Cedric Martinez at the SUR Party
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dana Wilkey Doesn’t Think the Housewives Should Have Been Cordial to Cedric Martinez at the SUR Party

In her latest Bravo blog, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dana Wilkey praised her castmates’ classy behavior on Season 2, Episode 19, “A Night of a Thousand Surprises.”

Dana really admired the way that Lisa Vanderpump handled the sticky situation involving Brandi Glanville and another (er, the other) woman. When one of Brandi’s ex-husband’s mistresses just so happened to be waitressing at the SUR launch party (awkward!), Lisa kindly asked her to leave without so much as a second thought. “Lisa showed a lot of class,” Dana writes. As if we expected anything different.

Dana was also impressed by the way Brandi carried herself during what could have been an extremely emotional situation with the waitress. “I also was shocked at how much restraint Brandi showed toward the waitress. I must say I would have really let her have it if she had been involved cheated with my husband,” she writes. Good thing Dana’s man seems to be behaving himself!

However, Dana did disagree with one thing about Brandi’s behavior that night, and that was the way she reacted to the arriveal of Lisa’s notorious former houseguest, Cedric Martinez, a.k.a. the uber-villain of the night.

“I was surprised Brandi and the others were so nice to Cedric. I don't know him very well but I didn't say ‘Hi’ to him because on principal. If he betrayed Lisa and her family and I don't have a strong personal relationship there then I'm not going to be cordial. Why would I be, if I really believe he was so bad to her? If Lisa is my friend then I better reciprocate the respect of not being friendly with someone who has seemingly hurt her so deeply,” Dana writes.

We’re just glad Lisa and Brandi are still able to get along. That friendship is too much fun to watch!

Source: Bravo

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