Decoding Castle and Beckett’s Innuendos From Season 4, Episode 12: “Dial M for Mayor”
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    
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Decoding Castle and Beckett’s Innuendos From Season 4, Episode 12: “Dial M for Mayor”

Sources say 93 percent of communication is non-verbal, and so far, Castle Season 4 has been a total testament to that. Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t said — or are said in cryptic language — that matter most.

Luckily, we’ve been trained to read between the lines, and we’re here to decode all the innuendos from Season 4, Episode 12, “Dial M for Mayor.” So, without further adieu, the most interesting innuendos from Monday’s ep — and what they really mean.

Situation No. 1: Castle Keeps a Secret

What Happens: When Castle informs Mama Martha that the same old man from earlier this season — the one who told him to keep Beckett away from her mother’s case — calls again, she immediately asks if he plans to tell Beckett.

“Tell her what?” he responds. “Hey kid, I’ve been taking calls from a shadowy figure who wants to keep you off your mother’s murder case so they don’t kill you too?”

What It Really Means: At this point, Castle has no clue who this guy is or how/why he is connected in any way to the Laura Cambridge case. But he keeps his word to this guy, and doesn’t fill Beckett in – to keep her safe. Forget solving crimes, Beckett’s safety is still Castle’s no. 1 priority!

Situation No. 2: Beckett Tells Castle She’s Going to Work Alone

What Happens: When Castle and Beckett start to bump heads over the controversial case, Beckett tells Castle she’s going to have to continue the investigation on her own.

What It Really Means: Beckett's choosing her work over Castle’s feelings shows us (and him) how serious she is about her job. But dare we say that probably makes her all the more attractive?

Situation No. 3: Beckett Decides to Go After Weldon

What Happens: Beckett’s clearly torn over whether to put a warrant out for Mayor Weldon’s coat, but after more evidence arises, she decides to tell Gates the real story.

“And when [Weldon] is gone, the first thing [Gates] will do is get rid of Castle,” Esposito warns. “I know,” Beckett responds, before walking, head down, into Gates’ office.

What It Really Means: It’s apparent Beckett doesn’t want to destroy Weldon because she knows it will lead to Castle getting kicked out of the precinct, but she does she what she knows is morally right anyway.

However, the sad way she sulks into Gates office shows just how hard of a decision it was for her to choose between doing the ‘right thing’ and protecting the person you love.

Decoding Castle and Beckett’s Innuendos From Season 4, Episode 12: “Dial M for Mayor”
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Situation No. 4: Castle Meets with the Shadowy Figure — Again

What Happens: Castle asks to meet with the shadowy figure one last time to find out what crazy person wants to bring down the mayor. “Trust me when I say it’s not your concern,” the shadowy figure says. “It is if it involves Beckett or her mother’s murder,” Castle responds.

What It Really Means: Castle will do just about anything to keep Beckett safe — including meeting strangers in dark alleys. Shouldn’t a crime writer know better? Oh, the things we do for love.

Situation No. 5: Multiple References to the Game of Chess

What Happens: Several innuendos were made to the game of chess. In one scene, Castle asks Beckett if he’s being played. Later, Gates tells Beckett to play the game slowly, one piece at a time. Jordan Norris was a “pawn” in the conspiracy against Mayor Weldon. And finally, the shadowy figure tells Castle “sometimes a well-placed pawn is better than a King.”

What It Really Means: Most of the Castle team had the wool pulled over their eyes or were “played” this episode, in one way or another. Beckett didn’t know Castle was conversing with the shadowy figure behind her back, the Mayor had no clue several people were working to make it look like he killed and dumped a young girl, Jordan Norris was oblivious that he was being used, and then, of course, there’s Castle, who the shadowy figure manipulated for his own gain.

Our take away from this? Castle and Beckett are definitely involved in a “game” with the shadowy figure, and the people responsible for Johanna Beckett’s death. The only problem? Nobody knows the rules — if they even exist.

Situation No. 6: “Rick” and “Kate” Argue About the Cashmere

What Happens: While arguing about the cashmere coat that appeared not only at the crime scene, but also on the mayor in some footage at a convention, Beckett and Castle both call each other by their actual names.

What It Really Means: Using their real first names — Rick and Kate — exposes a real vulnerability between the two characters. Are the layers slowly peeling back, or what?

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