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The Bachelorette

Michael Stagliano Dishes on Ben Flajnik As The Bachelor and If He’s Spoken to Holly Durst – Exclusive Interview

Women all over America fell in love with Michael Stagliano on Bachelor Pad 2 for being honest, loyal, and of course – hot! And, if we’re totally honest, we’re glad Holly Durst found Blake Julian, because that means Michael’s still on the market! Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Michael to confirm his single relationship status – and get his thoughts on this drama-packed season!

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Wetpaint Entertainment: What have you been up to since Bachelor Pad?

MS: TRAVELING! Good Lord. Though, it makes me miss home, and my new apartment, family and friends. Since the show stopped airing in September, I have been gone almost three out of the four weekends every month doing appearances and playing shows. This has been something I am incredibly thankful for. I have met and HUGGED thousands of people that watched the show, who very often share a kind word. It is humbling and flattering, and makes me smile.

What did you do with the money you won?

I gave a lot of it away actually. That much money can be bad for you. But spreading it out to others in need keeps everyone happy. Why make one person happy when you can make a whole bunch of people happy, ya dig? I'm not a Saint though; I totally splurged on a new guitar, bought a whole bunch of new clothes and "Bachelored" out my new apartment.

Relationship update? Still looking for love?

Relationship status is single, and I am perfectly happy. I don't feel lonely, but I am absolutely looking for that girl. I can't deny starting to watch the new season of The Bachelor makes me want to date even more. The adventure and "the wait," the butterflies and the excitement – all that stuff puts color and fireworks into life. I am SO EXCITED to find her. I know she's out there. I even think she is looking for me too. It's just not our time yet. But, if you're reading this, I am coming, okay?

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Have you spoken to Holly?

Holly who? OH!!!!

Do you think you can really get to know someone on The Bachelor/ette?

Absolutely! I think you are in a bubble of love and happiness, sunsets, and roses... with no bills, no jobs, and no distractions. But, if you listen, and you are honest and weed out the crazies (‘cause let's face it, they sneak in there) from the non-crazies... it is one of the most incredible ways to meet someone/date/get engaged in the world.

How has the show changed over the years? What’s it like now in your opinion?

I think the show has stayed true to what it is. It is a TV SHOW ("SHOW") about finding love. They need to create a fairytale every season, and fairy-tales often have dramatic, crazy things in them. They are fantastical and cheesy, over the top and lovey-dovey. If anything, I think the show has gotten better and better. The traveling, the dates, the musical guests... It's been on for 10 years!!! They must be doing something (a lot) right!

Why do you think so many couples from the franchise don’t make it?

I love this question. And I think it is a fair one – with a lot of answers. But, the main reason I believe couples don't make it, is they go from being celebrities, with the public eye invested in their relationship: cameras and events, Hollywood and TV shows (a two to three month period where everything is sexy, and fun, new and exciting) – to the next season starting and being left with just the relationship, which I think, more often than not, gets overlooked during the time of all that craziness. I am not even saying people "fall out" of love, or stop liking each other. I think people ABSOLUTELY fall in love and generate real feelings at the end of the show. They just forget that relationships take work, and time, and need attention. NOT just attention from magazines, cameras, and "fans."

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What's your opinion on Ben? How's he doing so far?

I friggin’ love Ben – I think he is exactly the kind of guy that should be The Bachelor. He is sincere, witty, tall, charming, and honest. SO DOPE. I'm reading/hearing that people think he is boring/monotone, and I think that’s crap. Yes, his voice is a little deeper and doesn't fluctuate that much in pitch or tone. But, what he lacks in an animated voice, he completely makes up for in being a grounded, well put together human being. I am a HUGE Ben fan, and truly hope he is happy and in love.

Who are your favorite/least favorite girls this season so far and why?

Lindzi Cox immediately caught my eye. She is a smoke-show (hot), but not in a Hollywood, lustful kind of way. I think she is BEAUTIFUL on the inside as a person (from what I've seen) and that glows from within and makes her "hotness" a whole other kind of beauty. She says “please” and “thank you,” she is kind and respectful to the other girls, stays out of the drama. Wow. I could go on and on. I also really like Nicki Sterlingi. She has a sweetness to her that is very endearing: hearing her story about being divorced and being honest about it, and that she still wants love. I think she IS ready for love again, and hope she finds it!

Girls I am not a big fan of are: Courtney Robertson...yikes.She gossips, and complains, talks about people negatively just for conversational purposes. She seems to be into Ben, just because he is into her. All the other girls are just fine. Nothing great, nothing bad. I don't feel like I have seen enough yet to really say more. It's only been a couple weeks. Ask me again in February. :)

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