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New Mad Men Poster Sparks 9/11 Controversy: Is the Ad Insensitive?

Here's something we never thought we'd say: Mad Men's new Season 5 promotional poster has upset people because it reminds them of 9/11. Really.

The poster, which you can see here, is minimalist to the extreme, showing nothing but a man falling against a white background at the top, with the March 25 premiere date all the way at the bottom. It doesn't even include the show's name, relying on people to recognize the font and image, which is taken from the show's opening credits.

For fans, it's eye-catching and immediately engaging. However for some people who aren't familiar with Mad Men's iconography, the image doesn't conjure up the award-winning TV series at all.

New York based copywriter and blogger Copyranter pointed out that the poster bears an eerie resemblance to the famous 9/11 image "The Falling Man," which shows a man jumping out of the towers. Oolgy writers note it could also look like someone committing suicide (which is particularly problematic given the famous, and relatively recent, death of DDB creative chief Paul Tilley).

What do you think: Was this poster a misstep, or is it an interesting and dynamic new take on TV advertising?



01.19.2012 / 10:45 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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