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Revenge Spoiler! How Fans Killed a Potential Storyline: Creator Mike Kelley Tells All

Revenge fans are a vocal bunch. We know what we like (TyleNol!), don't (Fauxmanda), and what would cause us to turn off our screens for good.

In the case of the latter, creator Mike Kelley admits that fan outrage over a particular theory — that David Clarke could still be alive — caused him to delete it from his potential storyline list. Forever.

"I try to limit my exposure to the fans, because it can become such a compelling force for choosing the stories I want to tell," he says.

But fan response still trickles back to him via friends and family, and it does affect Kelley's plotting.

"There’s a thread on a particular website where basically they say if we reveal that Emily’s father is not dead we have ruined the show and that was an option for me," he explains.

"At this point, I’m no longer considering that option. So, I try not to let what fans want decide what the show is going to be. But, I also want to respect what people are responding too. It’s complicated."

Complicated for him, sure, but as Revenge fans, we can't say we're unhappy that our voices are heard!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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01.19.2012 / 09:19 PM EDT by Kara Weston
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