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Top 10 Quotes From Revenge Season 1, Episode 13: “Commitment”

Whoever said “the best revenge is living well” obviously doesn’t know Emily Thorne.

We’ve rounded up the the 10 quippiest quotes from last night’s episode of Revenge, which prove that seeking vengeance and dropping a few doozies along the way is truly the fab life!

10. Conrad takes down Victoria: “You’ll once again be the desperate, penny-less little bitch you were when I first met you.”

Let’s just hope Connie doesn’t take Victoria’s collection of whimsical nightgowns.

9. Daniel proposes to Emily: “You’re the first person that I could be my true self around.”
Emily: “Lucky me.”

Sarcasm, or true love?

8. Ashley complains to Nolan: “All I’ve got to show for my summer with the Graysons is a gun-wielding psychotic ex-boyfriend who made out with you.”

As far as we’re concerned, best summer ever.

7. Amanda makes nice: “I love summer storms, don’t you?”
Victoria: “Not really.”

Rain makes for frizzy hair.

6. Jack questions his gal: “It’s a little early to be lighting all the candles.”
Amanda: “What, you’re afraid I’m going to burn the place down?”

No, that’s the real Amanda’s specialty.

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5. Nolan quips at Amanda: “Hey Chatty Cathy, zip it!”

Love that Nolan is referencing 1950s girl toys.

4. Emily: “This seat taken?”
Nolan: “It’s a free beach.”

Please, nothing in The Hamptons is free.

3. Nolan snarks Emily: “Looks like the ends justified the means … or should I say meanness?”

Stick to the Chatty Cathy jokes, buddy.

2. Nolan puts his arm around Emily: “Baby steps.”
Emily: “Don’t do that.”

Aw, these two are so cute!

1. Conrad greets his future son-in-law: “You want to order something?”
Declan: “No, that’s okay, I filled up on beer nuts. Breakfast of champions.”

How adorably middle-class!

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