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The Bachelor

Bachelor 16’s Brittney Schreiner More Drawn To Brad Womack Than Ben Flajnik – Exit Interview!

Since there’s no way Brad Womack would or should do The Bachelor a third time, maybe someone can (pay him a lot) twist his arm to go on Bachelor Pad Season 3 so that Brittney Schreiner can have a chance with him? Grandma Sheryl’s gorgeous daughter (and Season 16’s walk-off contestant) revealed that just never felt a spark with Ben Flajnik and that Mr. Womack was more her flavor. She knew she had no connection with Storm Horse and was confident enough about it to walk away before going on a one-on-one date with him on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 3.

Brittney talked to the media in an exit interview this week, discussing why she left the show and which girls might actually be right for Ben. Here are excerpts from Brittney’s Q&A (via RealityWanted and RealityTVWorld):

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Why did you choose to go on The Bachelor? Was it more your idea or your grandmother's and was it the type of situation where you went on to kind of please your grandmother because she loved Ben, or did you make your own decision in the hopes of finding love?
Brittney: I made my own decision in the hopes of finding love and it was my idea to go onto The Bachelor. I knew of The Bachelor because of my grandma and we would watch episodes together. We watched Brad’s season together, but she really didn't even know I was applying for it until later on. That's when I came up with the idea of, "Hey, why don't you come with me since you're such a big fan and you love Ben and I need to make a really big first impression. So, let's kind of do this together." So that's how that kind of played out.

Why didn't you try to go on the one on one date to give it a shot with Ben?
Brittney: You know, I thought about that and that's exactly why I was torn. I thought, "If I don't give it a try, I'll never know," but there was something that didn't feel right. I wanted to be up front and honest with Ben. I don't think we were connecting on that level. I could've gone but I didn't wanna take that opportunity away from another woman. I decided to do a very selfless act and make the harder decision.

What was your grandmother's reaction?
Brittney: She was surprised, just like everyone else. She really wanted it to work out because she is such a big fan of Ben and the show. She was understanding of my decision.

During this week's episode, when you realized he was asking you on a one on one, you said something didn't feel right and that you were torn and confused. Can you talk a little more about what you were thinking?
Brittney: I think because my heart wasn't in it, I wasn't as excited as the other girls and I wasn't being as aggressive. So, it really came down to a make or break for me. I really needed to push forward through this and see if this is a good fit or I needed to go ahead and let him continue on with the other girls with this amazing opportunity, and I did some soul searching. It started right after the second Rose Ceremony. I really had to dig deep and it dawned on me that I just shouldn't be here and I don't want to take that experience away from anyone else. It was a hard decision, like I said. It was a completely selfless act, but I wanted the best for Ben, so I decided that now is as good a time as any, and San Francisco is Ben's hometown. So the last thing I want to do is take away a one-on-one date in his hometown. Even though the date was amazing, I'm really glad he had a good time with Lindzi [Cox]. They looked like they were connecting very well and I'm happy for them.

How did you get along with the other girls in the house?
Brittney: I got along with everyone pretty well. I stayed as far away from the drama as possible. I formed a few good relationships with some girls in the house. There are some girls that are genuine.

While you were on the show, which bachelorettes did you think would be good for Ben or considered frontrunners and did you think anyone was there for the wrong reasons?
Brittney: I think it was half and half. I think that there were some girls who were there for the right reasons and there are some that aren't there for the right reasons. Time will tell with that. I don't really know, but there are a few girls that I think are the frontrunners and I think it's really clear when you watch the episodes on who he's attracted to and who he's connecting with on that level. I think that there's a handful that I would recommend as great girls from the time that I was there. But it's so early in the competition that so much can change from here till now. I really can't say for sure. I think Kacie [Boguskie] is such a sweetheart. I had a chance to talk to her and she's just an amazing girl. When I talked to her on the show, she was just very down to earth — very genuine. I also liked Emily [O'Brien]. Emily and I hit it off really well, and I think Emily would be a good fit for Ben as well, and Lindzi and I would say Nicki [Sterling]. (Laughs) I think all those girls are great girls and have a lot going for them.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney/    

Did you originally go on the show because you wanted to please your grandmother and make her happy since she loved Ben so much despite how you might have felt about him being the Bachelor? Did you arrive and just think, "Okay, Ben's not for me after all?"
Brittney: Yes, I really did get there and think Ben was not for me. I don't think I'm right for Ben. I think it was a two-way street, but my grandma was extremely excited because she's such a huge fan of the show and I really brought her on to stand out from the crowd and to capture his attention. Ben's really close to his family and I'm really close to my family as well, so it wasn't about so much my grandma. It was a little addition to the process in that I thought it would make it a little bit more special.

You said Ben wasn't the guy for you. Why is that? Do you prefer other characteristics or qualities in a guy you're looking to date?
Brittney: There was really just no connection. I don't have a cookie cutter approach to finding a guy. I'm very open and I've dated multiple different types of men, but we just didn't have that spark that you look for when you start dating a guy. That's basically what made me torn about the situation.

Since you didn't feel a spark with Ben but you don't have a specific type, is there another former The Bachelor star or The Bachelorette suitor you think you might have had a better connection with?
Brittney: I do. I think Brad. I'm really drawn to Brad from what I've seen of him on both seasons that he was on TV. I think there's just something there that I'm drawn to, so he would have to be my only pick as of now.

Sources: RealityWanted, RealityTVWorld

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