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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville on the Waitress Her Ex-Husband Cheated With: I’m Glad She Told Her Story

Lisa Vanderpump, who came face-to-face with her former house guest and current enemy Cedric Martinez, wasn’t the only Real Housewife who was dealt a piping hot plate of drama on Season 2, Episode 19, “Night of a Thousand Surprises.”

Newbie Brandi Glanville was also confronted with a nightmare from her past in the form of a waitress who used to sleep with her ex-husband. In her latest blog for Bravo TV, the former model explained that the petite brunette serving appetizers at SUR lounge’s opening was the reason she broke things off with her ex, actor Eddie Cibrian. Um, awkward!

Although Brandi wrote that she had never seen the adulterer in person, she says she had seen her on Access Hollywood crying over her relationship with then-married Cibrian, when he had decided to start an affair with country songbird LeAnn Rimes. (To which we have to wonder: How many women was this guy sleeping with at one time?)

Brandi writes, “She cried saying Eddie didn't have the decency to break up with her before starting an affair with LeAnn Rimes [on the show].” The other woman being upset there’s an other other woman? Now that’s a new one. After the segment aired, Brandi filed for divorce.

Back to the party: When Brandi saw the woman who tore her marriage apart in person, she said she “couldn’t resist” blurting out “you used to sleep with my husband.” We mean, who wouldn’t? But despite the backhanded comment, Brandi says she actually owes the woman an apology: “Who knows how long I would have stayed with Eddie if she hadn't told her story to the press?” True story.

Later, Brandi was hit with another bombshell when Cedric Martinez – Brandi’s current pal – “came strolling into Sur like it was nobody’s business.” Despite Brandi’s link to the Frenchman, Brandi insists she didn’t invite him to stir up trouble. (Cedric maintains that he was invited by Bravo, with Lisa and Ken’s knowledge.)

Finally, Brandi says that as much as she’d like for her two friends to smooth things over, she writes “as I have grown closer to Lisa, I realize and understand some things are just unforgivable.”

Source: Bravo

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