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Jersey Shore

Did You Feel Bad for The Situation on Jersey Shore Last Night?

In spite of all the “douchebag” behavior The Situation is guilty of over the past four seasons of Jersey Shore — from his very first fight with Ronnie in the first few episodes of Season 1 to his latest scheme to ambush Snooki with The Unit’s fearsome curls and “truth” — we’re going out a limb and asking: do you think the rest of the group is being too mean to Mike?

It’s one thing to maintain quiet disdain for one of the roommates and go about your business, but it’s another to purposely exclude them from celebratory nights and rub their face in someone else’s birthday cake...on their own birthday.

You tell us: Do you think the castmates are being too harsh on Mike? Or do you think he’s getting what he deserves?

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