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Does Rachel Say Yes to Finn’s Proposal? ― We Examine the Evidence!

YES, we're totally excited about the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute... but we're also still craaaazy worried about all this Finchel proposal business!!! What will Rachel’s (Lea Michele) answer be? How will Finn (Cory Monteith) take it?! What will it mean for the future of the couple/the show/season four?! Soo many questions, hardly any answers!

But for our own piece of mind ― AND, naturally, YOURS ― we've been pulling overtime examining the evidence, and here's what we've deciphered so far...

That is not a “yes” reaction...
That face that Rachel made at the end of "Yes/No," paired with Finchel's brief interaction in the promo clip for "Michael" have us pretty concerned. PLUS, Finn says it's been "three days to the minute since I proposed," and we all know a delayed response is a bad sign, right? (Feel free to tell us no, we'll probably go along with it...)

"Her answer is shocking."
Cory Monteith teased this during an interview with TV Guide earlier this week, and also said, "It is a definite answer. But you know how kids are. I don't think it's going to be as simple as they think. I suspect there's more down the road." As in, more down the road once she says YES?! Or she'll change her mind after having said "NO." We so confused.

But We're Still Holding Out Hope for

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"It wasn't just as simple as proposing and her saying yes."
We can't get over this little snippet from the TV Guide interview. Is he implying she DID say yes? Sure, it could just be how the response rolled outta Cory’s mouth, BUT we'd much prefer to take it as evidence that Rachel will accept ― albeit perhaps with some trepidation.

Finn and Rachel are a "central part" of season four
Lea Michele told TV Guide that season four will find the duo trying to find a compromise that works to the benefit of both of their respective dreams. Cory Monteith added, "Rachel and Finn's relationship will very much be setting the scene and pace for the beginning of Season 4." RELATIONSHIP, you say? We imagine that means that Finchel survives... whether married or not, it's hard to say...

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And then there are those two dads
We're three seasons into Glee and Rachel Berry has had many-a shining moments in which it would have been appropriate for her two dads to show up... so why now? We heard yesterday that the duo is cast ― Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell, amazing ― and that they will make their debut in the Valentine's Day ep. Seems fitting they'd be around to share the good news with their daughter? (Flip side: We hope they aren't showing up to help her through the heartache of V Day without Finn... Oh dear!)

You've heard the evidence. Now what do you think: Are Finn and Rachel getting engaged or not?

Source: TV Guide

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