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Gossip Girl Season 6: What Will It Be About?

For those of you out there bemoaning the fact that Blair (Leighton Meester) has become Season 5's major player in the land of Gossip Girl ― Are you out there? Do you exist? Who doesn't love the Queen B? ― rest assured your day is coming... maybe.

Producer Joshua Safran dished to TVLine that the GG powers that be are aware that Serena (Blake Lively)'s been sorta hangin' in the wings all season, and that if/when a next season is confirmed, the story will likely zero back in on its central bond. (No, not Chair, you guys! B & S!)

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"If you feel like Serena has been lighter this year, it's honestly just where the story has taken us," Safran said. "Last season was very much about Serena. That was the way we sort of looked at it. She had Juliet last year and that was the big driving story. This year we gave Blair the big driving story. And next season ― if there is a next season ― I would imagine the driving story, should it be the last season, will be the two of them and their friendship."

Awww, wouldn't that be nice?! Aside from the fact that these two spend just as much time stabbing each other in the back as they do being ACTUAL friends, we do love a good, well-rounded BFF 'ship. (We don't, however, super duper love all the "if there is a next season" and "should it be the last season" talk in that quote...grrr.)

Might we suggest that Serena join the compelling-love life bandwagon and give us something to dish about? B has always upstaged her there (though this Louis business is dragging out hella longer than we anticipated...). Mayyybe it's time for Serena to meet a NICE DUDE who isn’t her fake-cousin’s ex and who her mother didn’t send to prison and who isn’t a philandering politician and... okay, you get the point.

We might start with Nate (Chace Crawford) ― he's always been a good egg! (Just maybe wait ‘til the threats on his life stop...)

Source: TVLine

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01.20.2012 / 02:43 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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