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The Secret Circle

Jake Tears Up! 5 Biggest OMG Moments From The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 12: “Witness”

The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 12: "Witness" was a beautiful hour of man-motions, emo-feelings, tragic memories, and studly jaw quivers. We’ve rounded up the top five OMG moments for you to look back on, and yes: Jake’s (Chris Zylka) watery eyes take the number one spot (both on this list and in our hearts...sob!).

1. Jake’s Eyes Tear Up, We Weep Copiously
Before we get into the emotional upheaval that we experienced when Jake re-hashed his tragic memories, let’s get one thing straight: Studs don’t cry. Jake’s eyes teared, not to be confused with Adam’s eyes, which perpetually leak fluid and mascara.

If you’re like us, you re-watched this emotional scene about ten times while weeping soft tears into a pint of ice cream. Poor Jake could barely look at a picture of his parents without his penetrating eyes turning glassy and far-off as he gazed at Cassie (Britt Robertson). Why she didn’t lunge at him with open arms at this point, we have no idea, but that’s what letters of complaint to The CW are for!

2. John Blackwell Is Alive, May Or May Not Be The Emperor From Star Wars
The creative geniuses over in Chance Harbor sure had us fooled. We’ve been under the impression that Cassie’s father, professional sperminator John Blackwell, was six-feet-under — but it turns out he’s very much alive.

Not only did Cassie and Jake watch in awe as John (dressed in a giant black hoodie) took out a team of witch hunters with his dark magic and man-jewelry, they also dug up his grave for confirmation. Turns out the coffin was empty, save for a small dog skeleton. Not sure why John felt the need to massacre an innocent puggle, but more power to him. Literally.

3. Ethan Might Be Evil, Or Might Just Be Drunk....
Turns out Drunk Dad has been living in a pool of whiskey, tears and vomit for a reason: He’s hiding from a deep, dark secret. Though Ethan (Adam Harrington) claims that he was no where near the boat when it erupted into flames sixteen years ago, Cassie saw him skulk in with her own two eyes — followed closely by a couple blood-thirsty witch hunters.

Did Ethan wander onto the boat accidentally, or was he in cahoots with the witch-hunters? Either way, we definitely saw a more sinister side to his character this week, especially when he went all power-hungry with that pet rock. Sigh, why do we get the feeling this guy will be swapping out his collection of flannel for some leather bomber jackets?

4. Sixteen Years Ago!
After weeks of wondering what went down sixteen years ago, we finally have answers. In case you were too busy swooning all over your couch to notice the fast paced time-travel in this week’s episode, fear not. We, too, were there sixteen years ago (in our dreams). Here’s what went down:

Half of the original Circle wanted to make a deal with the witch hunters wherein they would never practice magic in exchange for peace. The other half wanted to listen to John Blackwell, who thought the witch hunters would betray everyone. Turns out John was right, because the witch hunters slit a few throats and then attempted to burn John at the stake. Still unclear? Where Dawn, Charles, Ethan and Amelia were during this hot mess.

5. Faye Becomes A Drug Addict... Might Overdose At Any Minute!
Not gonna lie, we kind of saw this coming. Probably because Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) used to suck down those tinctures that Nick gave her like they were packets of Sugar Stix.

But we’re worried. Lee told Faye that his ex girlfriend overdosed on Devil’s Spirit and it almost killed her. And the first thing Faye does is run out and score some? We know girl wants power, but why is she so willing to risk her life?

Last time Faye was high, she started all kinds of tropical storms in Chance Harbor, so we suggest everyone buy a rain jacket. Well, everyone except Jake, who loves to feel the rain on his skin.

01.20.2012 / 10:59 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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