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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Power Rankings for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 19: “Night of a Thousand Surprises”

Who’s livin’ large and who’s been relegated to the pool house? We rank The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 2, Episode 19, “Night of a Thousand Surprises” in our weekly Power Rankings. Let the countdown begin!

Kim Richards
Ranking: 7 (out of 7)
Last week’s ranking: 7 (out of 7)
Here’s why: It was another tough week for Kim, marking her fourth straight week in the basement. Ouch. And it’s getting tough to see her constant bickering with Ken, not to mention watching her exhibit all sorts of wacky behavior, between handling limo trash to locking herself in the bathroom. Next time, honey, leave the vibrator at home (which is a sentence that we never want to say to anyone again!).

Camille Grammer
Ranking: 6
Last week: 5
Here’s why: Other than finally making nice with Taylor, Camille didn’t have that much to do this week, which has kind of been a theme of late. Then again, with all the surprise guests who were showing up at SUR, we were kind of relieved that someone from Camille’s past didn’t randomly happen to stop by. (And considering that Kelsey was in the news so much this week, we’re guessing Camille doesn’t need any more drama right now.)

Brandi Glanville
Ranking: 5
Last week: 1
Here’s why: We were a little afraid that we had a fiasco on our hands when Brandi — understandably upset about seeing her ex’s mistress — seemed on the verge of creating a scene. Luckily, Lisa handled things perfectly. And Brandi continues to crack us up as she never fails to find some random dude to hit on. (This week’s target? The bouncer at SUR.)

Kyle Richards
Ranking: 4
Last week: 6
Here’s why: So it looks like Kyle was right to initially be skeptical about Kim’s boyfriend Ken. And granted, we like that Kyle wants to see Kim happy, but she really is going to have to Kim make her own decisions about men. By the way, how cute was Kyle’s daughter Portia as she ran away when Kyle wanted to give her eye drops? We feel the same way about eye drops, Portia.

Taylor Armstrong
Ranking: 3
Last week: 4
Here’s why: It’s a little odd to bring your therapist to a party, but Taylor made it work, as it clearly helped her to have him there. Plus, we’ll support anything that allows Taylor and Camille to patch things up. We just want to see all our girls back together — is that so wrong?

Adrienne Maloof
Ranking: 2
Last week: 3
Here’s why: Is there any situation that Adrienne can’t resolve peacefully? This season has certainly provided her with plenty of tough situations, but she was especially helpful this week, as she brought Kyle and Kim together, and then she made sure that Taylor cleared the air with Camille to prevent further resentment. Plus, how calm was she about seeing Paul’s ex? That’s our Adrienne: cool as a cucumber!

Lisa Vanderpump
Ranking: 1
Last week: 2
Here’s why: We knew that Lisa would find her way back on top of the Power Rankings soon enough. Indeed, the unwanted guests just kept pouring in at SUR, and we doubt that anyone but Lisa could have stayed as level-headed about the whole thing. And of course Lisa would be friends with RuPaul, who is just as quick-witted and fabulous as she is!

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