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Teen Mom

10 Best Quotes From Teen Mom 2 Season 2 (So Far!)

Looking back on the quotes from this season of Teen Mom 2 was an emotional experience — in that tears were rolling down our face from laughter.

We love these ladies and their gents more than we love knock-off Uggs, but sometimes their musings about love, life and the joys of Snuggies are just too much to handle with a straight face.

Check out the 10 best quotes of this season, and yes: Most of these are courtesy of Kieffer. We just can’t help how much we heart him!

10. Kieffer tries to form a sentence: “I don’t know why you want me to do what Jenelle wants me to do all the time every day.”

One too many bong hits.

9. Ben yells at Jenelle: “What the f**k! That was my change jar, Jenelle! What did you do that for?"

Never come between a man and his change jar.

8. Kailyn’s friend word-vomits: “Why you such in a hurry?”

Too busy to use proper English.

7. Jenelle orders dinner: “I’ll probably get the seafood Alfredo, but without the seafood.”

Somewhere, an Italian man is crying...


6. Kailyn on seeing a zebra print Snuggie: “Ooooh, Snuggie! I want one!”

Why do we get the feeling this girl wears jeggings?

5. Kieffer goes to the clink: “Uhhhh, my name’s Kieffer and I’m here to turn myself in.”

His crime? Mumbling.

4. Jordan tries to form a sentence about birth control: “Idontliketalkingboutit.”

MTV’s subtitlers must have been on a coffee break for this one.

3. Kailyn flirts with Jordan: “You’re like a gift to me.”
Jordan: “You can unwrap me later.”

There goes lunch.

2. Jenelle discovers a love note from Kieffer: “We belong together princess and we don’t gotta prove shit to no one.”

Sigh, Prince Charming.

1. Leah’s mom chats about the good old days: “Do you know how I got you to walk? Cheese puffs.”

We learned to walk with a combination of Cheez Whiz and Queso Sauce.

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