The Real Househusbands of Beverly Hills? Adrienne Maloof Weighs in a Future Spin-off
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Househusbands of Beverly Hills? Adrienne Maloof Weighs in a Future Spin-off

How did Real Housewives of Beverly HilsAdrienne Maloof get — and stay — so cool? Blame it on the family business, she says. In a new interview with Babble, the hotel/sports team/entertainment media mogul said growing up in an entrepreneurial-minded family taught her a lot about how to keep calm.

“It made me realize how much is riding on the decisions we make — not just expressing how we feel, but considering how we treat others and how that affects them,” she explained. “I think I’ve developed great insight into preserving relationships while everyone involved keeps growing.”

Many of those relationships have been tested on this season of RHoBH, but Adrienne’s learned level-headedness has also enabled her to support her friends and co-stars as they go through their various trials and tribulations. In fact, empowering other women is something Adrienne really values.

“I’m all about empowering and supporting mothers in their business ventures and their family lives,” said Adrienne. Not only that, but Adrienne believes women can achieve just as much — if not more — than men, especially with some support: “I was very fortunate to have an incredibly supportive father, he believed in me and that I could do whatever my brothers could do or even better… There were never any limits placed on me.”

Speaking of doing things better, we’ve seen Adrienne kick her husband Paul’s butt at martial arts. Would the doctor ever consider doing a spin-off? Probably not anytime soon. Paul “is a very well-known and well-regarded facial plastic surgeon, and that’s his passion,” says Adrienne. Aw. Paging Dr. Nassif. We want to see you in some more RHoBH scenes, STAT. And if you want to bring shirtless Mauricio along with you, we’re cool with that.

Source: Babble