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The Bachelorette

Holly Durst and Blake Julian Make Out… While They Make Out — Must-See Pic of the Day!

Some couples, or so we've read, put mirrors on the ceiling and some, and this is just a rumor, like to... tape themselves. But Bachelor Pad 2’s Blake Julian and Holly Durst have taken that several steps further. They like to recreate scenes from their heavily DVR’d past and fill the pauses with kisses while the backlit widescreen provides back lighting!


At Victorian parties, we like to imagine, folks would act out scenes from old master paintings in a kind of frozen charade and their friends would try to guess if they were The Scream or American Gothic, etc. Blake and Holly are too well-loved for anyone to have to guess who they are, and they're too... intimate to be Victorian, so let's hail this as a thoroughly modern and thoroughly charming display of fun and affection!

We'd do the same thing if WE had cable! (or had been on a show... or had anyone to kiss.)

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