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The Bachelorette

Does Vienna Girardi Have a New Boyfriend?

We couldn’t help but ask ourselves that same question, dear readers.

When Season 14 winner and Bachelor Pad 2 alum Vienna Girardi tweeted, “Date night with my bubbie,” on Saturday, January 21, along with this photo, we couldn’t help but be suspect.

A quick analysis of the pair’s body language with definitely indicate that they’re venturing into romantic territory. And the fact that Vienna is calling this gentleman her “bubbie” is noteworthy as well. Though, WE don’t call our male friends bubbie. We reserve THAT term for our grandmothers...

Credit: Vienna Girardi's Twitter    

We’re happy to see Vienna looks so HAPPY. And it’s nice to have someone with whom to celebrate her store’s grand opening! After further studying her Twitter account, we’ve verified that she’s “back with my college sweetheart of 4yrs.”

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little bummed, because that means THIS whole endeavor didn’t work out.

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