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The Kardashians

Top 6 OMG Moments from Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 9: Kim Communes with Her Dead Father

Choosing just a few ridiculous moments from any Kourtney and Kim Take New York episode is always a challenge, but this week was particularly tough. A lot went down in last night’s super-sized episode, from a disastrous surprise visit from Kris’ sister to an emotional meeting with a medium. Somehow we still managed to cherry-pick just six moments from Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 9 that made us go “OMG!” Check ‘em out!

6. Kris Runs Away from Kim
After Kim told Kris she was meeting with a medium, K. Hump put his athleticism to the test when he he ran from her and straight into the Gansevoort Hotel elevator. Then, the stilleto-clad Kardashian chased after him, but he ducked around her and said, “I’ll take the stairs instead.” That’s why you don’t marry a basketball player; you can’t catch him in a fight!

5. Scott’s Unusual Bedroom Behavior
Perhaps the most important thing we learned from last night’s episode was that celebrities are just like us! Not only did Scott and Kourtney devour a bag of chips while watching the boob tube in bed, he also lovingly scratched her with his overgrown toenail. Love in its finest form, y'all.

4. Scott Has a Unibrow
...In painting, anyway. Scott was absolutely ecstatic that Kourtney agreed to have an old school portrait painting done, but when it arrives, something’s off: Kourtney told the painters to put a unibrow on Scott!

When the masterpiece is unveiled, Kourtney busted out laughing. Scott, on the other hand? He stomped away like a 5-year-old. That time of the month again, Scott-io?

3. Kaela Flies Home Early
When Kim didn’t clear her insanely busy schedule to make time for Kris’ sister Kaela (who Kim didn’t know was coming until 24 hours prior, BTW), Kaela decided to dip out early. We think she may have overreacted.

2. Kim Communes with the Dead
Is it just or us, or does like every celebrity have a psychic? While we weren’t surprised that Kim wanted to meet with a notorious medium – it is the ‘cool’ thing to do – we were surprised at everything he knew. Eerie, man.

1. Kim Says She Doesn’t Want to be Married Anymore
OK, so we knew this was coming. But it was still pretty sad/shocking to hear her openly say she’s over her marriage. When the medium told Kim her father hoped she learned a lesson from this marriage (it is Kim’s second, after all), it seems Kim instantly made up her mind to call it quits. There’s no going back from that one!

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