Credit: Brad Falchuck on Twitter    
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Finn and Rachel — in Bed?! OMG Pic of the Day

Are you ready for this, Finchel fans?

Not only are Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) filming plenty of scenes together for the Glee Valentine’s Day episode — but one of those scenes is taking place inside of Rachel’s bedroom!

Glee writer and co-creator Brad Falchuk is directing the upcoming Valentine’s Day ep, and he just posted this cute photo with Lea and Cory on set in Rachel’s room.

@msleamichele @corymontieth I'm gonna marry both of them. Mrs. Finchel Falchuk. Honeymoon in Paris.” he wrote on January 23.

Finchel Falchuk? Hmm, it does sort of have a ring to it... (Speaking of rings. SPOILER ALERT: Have you seen this photo yet? Or these ones?)

Our only question about this lil’ bedroom romp is... are her fathers aware of what’s going on here?

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