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Glee Creator Ryan Murphy is Annoyed With Brittana Fans?

Theories abound as to why it is that our beloved Brittana have yet to share their first on-screen smooch (we’re still hopin’ for Valentine’s Day!) ― but new deets from someone present at the cast’s recently-taped Insider the Actor’s Studio session may shed some light!

A Tumblr post from last month details a question launched during the taping at show creator Ryan Murphy, asking how he deals with the desires of Glee fans when it comes to McKinley’s much-loved duos… specifically Brittana! Ryan ― whom the Tumblr writer claims referred to the couple as “Brittania” instead of “Brittana” (for shaaame!) ― responded thusly: “We gave you girls kissing and scissoring together on a bed. What more can we do?”

We know what you’re thinking…“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And p.s., Ryan, the kissing and the scissoring? That never actually happened…OMG.)

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Ryan went on to “redeem” himself, says the post, explaining to the audience that fans react strongly to the characters because they want to see themselves in them. He referenced the lack of gay characters on television when he was a kid, and said that he’s “working on it.”

Is it possible that Brittan(i?)a is being sidelined because Ryan’s tired of the fan demands and gossip?! We surely hope not!

Perhaps he actually has BIG things in store for the couple and doesn’t want to, you know, let the proverbial cat out of the bag early? “What more can we do?” really means “Just WAIT ‘til you see what we can do!!!” No? C’mon, guys, put on your reverse-psychology hats…

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01.24.2012 / 02:11 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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