Kacie B. vs. Courtney Robertson: Chris Harrison Compares Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s Frontrunners
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The Bachelor

Kacie B. vs. Courtney Robertson: Chris Harrison Compares Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s Frontrunners

Remember when Season 16 Bachelor Ben Flajnik, enthusiastically blogged about his ah-mazing, “lovely-dovey” first date with model and accused Michelle Money wannabe Courtney Robertson? Well, Chris Harrison has a little something to say about that, and it’s something along the lines of, Whoa there, cowboy.

In a new Q&A with TV Guide, Chris revealed his thoughts on that one-sided relationship and why Kacie Boguskie, the other woman he went on a date with in Episode 3, has managed to win over Bachelor fans

TV Guide: On Kacie and Ben's date, they watched home videos. Was that too much too soon?
Chris Harrison: It was a lot to put on them, but the only reason I'd disagree with that is that we could already tell that he and Kacie had something going and it worked. Ben is this dichotomy; he's metropolitan and loves San Francisco, but he's more of a small-town guy. That's what the death of his dad brought him, that life and getting back to what's important. I think Kacie reminds him of his dad and that life and what he's looking for. You notice how quickly he let his guard down and was relaxed with her. She brings out a side in him he likes. Kacie is in it for the long haul and she cemented herself as a front-runner.

TV Guide: Courtney and Ben may get along well, but there doesn't seem to be too much there between them.
Chris: You'll notice that's a running theme with him. He likes her and she's a front runner, but the more you hear them talk and he's like, "Our relationship is going really well," I'm like: Is it? Eventually he will also realize this and [and say] "Is she really saying anything? Is she really here for me?"

TV Guide: Is Courtney the new Michelle Money where she comes off a certain way, but is a different person?
Chris: I think Courtney will get a much worse rap and a worse beating than she deserves, much like Michelle Money. She has a very dry sense of humor and it's in the delivery and inflection of what she says. Even talking to Ben about it recently, he's like she is getting a beat down already, but once you get to know her it'll turn.

Well, if they have a problem with Courtney’s “beating” they should take it up with the editors who give her the crazy villain music to make it look like she’s a serious mean girl instead of a jokester. If they want America to react with “Courtney Is Witty and Funny!” they should give us that edit and play up that side in the promos.

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Source: TV Guide