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The Bachelor

Reality Steve’s Bachelor 16 Spoilers: One of Ben Flajnik’s Bachelorettes Has the Hots for a Producer, Leaves in Episode 4?

*Spoiler alert!* Bachelor 16 scoop ahead. Spoiler-phobes: No peeking!

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If they get tired of casting new Bachelors from The Bachelorette castoffs, maybe they could cast one of the producers. According to Reality Steve, most of The Bachelor producers are male — and apparently they are serious bachelorette catnip.

Steve shared some interesting gossip on The Bachelor Season 16 in this blog... gossip that will affect her future on the show (as seen in Episode 4):

For the time being, I’m not going to mention the names of the people involved, because I’ll save that for later. Here’s what you need to know: There is a girl this season that falls for one of the producers on the show, and asks to leave. At the time of the incident, when she informed the crew that she had fallen for the producer, somehow she ended up staying another week. Don’t know what was said, I wasn’t there. I just know that in the city that she came forward with her admission, she wasn’t eliminated in that city. So somehow they convinced her to stick around. Eventually she was eliminated.

Interesting. But Steve says this isn’t like Rozlyn Papa’s situation on The Bachelor Season 14.

I have no idea if this incident is ever going to make air this season. If I had to guess, I’d say no because the producer in question is married with kids. [...] There was no physical contact between this girl and the producer. This producer is still working on the show, he was never accused of anything, and basically did nothing wrong from what I was told. This girl just started having feelings for him, told other people about it, wasn’t in to Ben anymore, and asked to leave the show.

Poor girl. When you’re ready for love and open to love, sometimes you see it in the wrong places.

Devoted spoiler fans may be familiar with some of the other Season 16 teases out there, but Steve said this particular situation isn’t connected to any of those items.

Last column I mentioned that there was a girl this season, Britni, that leaves before a rose ceremony. This is NOT that incident. A couple columns back, I mentioned a Mike Fleiss tweet from back on Oct. 18th where he said, 'Every year, some guy or girl on the show thinks they can outsmart my amazing team of producers. Good luck with that.' This is NOT that incident either. Those are each separate incidents that I will address in future columns.

Long story short: Ben’s season should not be boring, even if only half the shenanigans actually make it to your TV set.

Source: Reality Steve

01.24.2012 / 06:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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