Simon Cowell Returns to the Bachelor Life
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The X Factor

Simon Cowell Returns to the Bachelor Life

A note to all the guys out there who are planning to get married: if you can’t be sure whether you’re even engaged to your fiancée, you might have a problem!

This is the position Simon Cowell was in a few days ago — and it resulted in pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Amid a swirl of longstanding speculation about the mega-recording mogul’s mega-wedding, make-up artist and former bride-to-be Mezhgan Hussainy has taken flight from Cowell’s abode.

So where did Hussainy go? Why, to the “girlfriend graveyard,” which is apparently where Cowell’s belles flee to after they break up with him (see Terri Seymour, whom Cowell courted before Hussainy). There they stay for a few months, collecting their things and seeing to their affairs before moving on to greener (or younger) pastures.

And did we mention that Simon Cowell owns the girlfriend graveyard? Yes, it’s his property. You can’t make this stuff up... and maybe that’s why people can’t get enough of it.

Cowell, for his part, has tried to plead privacy against the rapid-fire questions on his could-be-perhaps-maybe ex-fiancée. This, of course, after blabbing about the issue à tue-tête on the Howard Stern Show (because if you want privacy, the best place to go is to Howard Stern).

Our prognosis: expect tons more hysteria to come out of this story. When even Cowell’s 86-year-old mother is getting grilled on it, you know you’ve hit a publicity gold mine.

Source: Daily Mail

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01.24.2012 / 01:38 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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