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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Spoilers: Allie Gonino Says Things Will Be Rocky Between Laurel and Justin for Awhile — Exclusive!

One of our favorite things about The Lying Game is Allie Gonino’s sassy, stylish character, Laurel Mercer. It was pretty devastating to watch Justin Miller (Randy Wayne) — which isn’t even his real name! — break her heart, then reveal his mother was killed due to some shoddy doctor work by Laurel’s father, Ted Mercer (Andy Buckley). That’s quite the way to win back your ex there, Justin. But the couple shared so much, from a proclivity for yellow condoms to a love of ‘90s emo-sters The Get Up Kids. Will they ever be able to repair their love or are they doomed to listen to “My Apology” on repeat until they graduate high school?

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to the musically inclined Allie (her band, The Good Mad, performed in Season 1, Episode 13) and got some details about tonight’s episode, “Black and White and Green All Over,” as well as some hints about Laurel and Justin’s relationship status.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Laurel just had a huge breakthrough with Justin. How will his (former) secret change their relationship? How will it change Laurel’s relationship with Ted?
Allie Gonino: Laurel is a very forgiving person, so in the long run, everything with her and Ted will even out. But her relationship with Justin will be rocky for a while. She'll have a lot of trust issues, and before she even considers forgiving either of them, she lets both of them know that they're not so different from each other. They've both been lying and keeping secrets.

It was awesome getting to see you sing with your band last week, and you’ll perform again in a few episodes. Will Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) be launching Laurel’s career?
Basically, yes. Laurel will continue to make music and perform with the band, and it's really all because of Rebecca. Rebecca inspired Laurel to get past her fear of performing in front of people, and in a lot of ways she's responsible for pulling Laurel out of her break-up depression.

Mads (Alice Greczyn) and Thayer Rybak (Christian Alexander) become suspicious of Rebecca (and Chuck Pratt told us we shouldn’t trust her)… will Laurel?
Until Rebecca personally gives Laurel reason to doubt her, I don't think Laurel will be suspicious of anything. Rebecca's only been a good friend to Laurel, and Laurel obviously has no idea about any of the drama going on with everyone else.

Sutton (Alexandra Chando) is now back to being Sutton. Will Laurel notice a change in her now that Emma has stopped pretending to be her? How close is she to discovering the truth about the twins?
In the next episode, you'll see Sutton make choices that Emma never would have made while she was pretending to be Sutton. Laurel is let down once again, this time by everyone. By Ted, by Justin, and by Sutton. And she's going to let them all have it! She definitely confronts Sutton about her actions, but doesn't suspect anything, because this is classic Sutton behavior.

Sutton narrowly escaped death, but her character is already dead in the books. Are there any plans to kill off a character this season?
Someone does die this season. But obviously I can't tell you who!

The cast seems to hang out and tweet a lot at each other. What’s the atmosphere like on set? Are you all close?
We all have a balanced rapport with one another. We are friends, and on weekends we'll go out to dinner or the movies, or go dancing. I think each of us has a closest buddy in the cast, but we all love each other and have a lot of fun on and off the set.

If you could guest star on any show, what would it be?
Probably Modern Family! I am so in love with that show. I love to do comedy, and though Laurel does have a witty side, our show is very dramatic for the most part. So I think it'd be super fun to play on a show like that. All of the actors are so wonderful and the writing is unbelievable! I'm constantly laughing throughout every episode. I don't know what character I would play. Maybe a cousin!

Which shows are on your DVR that you can’t miss?
Actually, I don't have a television in Austin. Isn't that sad? I've put off buying one for so long and I'm about to go on hiatus so I probably won't get one until I know if we're picked up for Season 2, and we come back. I have been watching shows online though. I never miss an episode of Modern Family or New Girl.

Adrian Pasdar (Alec Rybak) is married to Natalie Maines, and you’re such a huge Dixie Chicks fan. Any chance we’ll see her guest on the show?
Oh gosh, I seriously doubt it, she hasn't even visited the set before. She would be a wonderful addition though. What if Laurel was mentored by one of the Dixie Chicks?! Hmm, maybe I can put in a word about this. I'm liking that idea!

People are very curious to know if you’re dating anyone… Anything you want to share?
I don't talk much about my romantic life. I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter, you've seen me tweet sweet nothings to a certain boy. And I'm sure as the show goes on more people will find out. Let's just say he's my best friend, and we make beautiful music together. (Ed. note: Hmm… Like this tweet?)

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