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Gossip Girl

Top 10 Gossip Girl Quotes From Season 5, Episode 12: “Father and the Bride”

Applause to the Gossip Girl writers: Snappy lines are the main reason we tune in each week, and Season 5, Episode 12: “Father and the Bride” did not disappoint. Keep the Bassness coming!

Credit: The CW    

10. Serena (Blake Lively): I never thought I’d see the day when Blair Waldorf ate a tequila worm.

9. Serena: If you want the world to think you’re doing something, you have to do it on Madison Avenue, and $8 cappuccinos are the price you pay!

8. Nate (Chace Crawford): Be careful, there’s a fine line between surveillance and stalking.
Chuck (Ed Westwick): Yeah. Getting caught, which I don’t plan on.

7. Blair (Leighton Meester): He’s the biggest snake in Christendom since the one that bit Eve.

6. Nate: You didn’t go in the church, did you?
Chuck: No. I don’t want to risk blowing my cover. Or bursting into flames.

5. Serena: Thank you so much for coming!
Lily: Of course! It’s’ not every day you get to see your face on a taxi cab.

4. Barfly: A priest in a bar? Kinky!
Father: You have no idea.

3.Serena: You smell like a distillery!
Blair: I had shots! It was fun. The first ten of them, anyway.

2. Nate: Unless Christina Aguilera was upset about our “Baby Bump or Mexican Lunch Article,” I really don’t think there’s anything in here worth hurting me over.

1. Blair: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I pressed the close button on the elevator door when I saw a woman running to catch it.
Father: Why did you do that?
Blair: It was a long ride down to the lobby and she was wearing too much perfume. Diddy called it Unforgivable for a reason.

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01.24.2012 / 10:46 PM EDT by Heidi Suke
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