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5 Reasons Glee’s Finn and Rachel Should NOT Get Married

Don’t get us wrong — we firmly believe that saying you don’t like seeing Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) together on Glee is like saying that you don’t like pizza. (In other words, it’s crazy talk.)

But look: We already gave you five reasons we can’t wait for Finchel to tie the knot... so coming at this from the opposite angle only seemed fair.

So once you’ve read our reasons, you should take a deep breath and maybe count to ten, and then you can (calmly) tell us why you disagree in the comments. (But remember to stay calm!)

5. Finn is too emotional about his dad to be making a sound decision.

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There was something very romantic about Finn’s spur-of-the-moment decision to propose, but we would hate to think that Finn is making such a life-changing decision just because he’s reacting to the pain of learning the truth about his dad’s death. No one should make such a big decision without the benefit of a clear head (not that this is the first time that Finn has done something without really thinking it through!).

These two have seemingly broken up and gotten back together more times than Nicolas Cage has changed hairstyles from movie to movie. Given Finchel’s history of being really happy together and then flaming out, we would like to see them slow things down and make sure that things are gonna work out this time. Then again, regarding their first split in Season 1, what guy wouldn’t be spooked by a girl giving him a cat calendar?

3. This relationship seems destined to be a long-distance one.

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It’s hard to imagine Rachel and Finn ever wanting to live in the same place: Rachel is destined to try her luck in New York, while Finn would probably be happiest staying close to home (if he doesn’t join the military). In fact, this situation reminds us a bit of Terri and Will getting married at a young age, and we all know how well that turned out. (Translation: Anyone want to see Rachel working at Sheets-N-Things? Anyone?)

We’ve always loved that Rachel refuses to put a guy before her career aspirations. In fact, in the scene from “New York” where Rachel and Finn sit on the floor of the library, she seems to be reluctant when agreeing with Finn that him kissing her onstage at Nationals was worth it. So for Rachel to now somehow sacrifice what she wants to do with her life because of a guy is, in a word, un-Rachel-like. (Okay, so it’s a made-up word, but still.)

Of course, some couples get married in high school and remain happy together till death do they part, but we’re not so sure if Finchel are that type of couple. Both seem to have a lot of growing up to do, as they’re still figuring out what to do with their lives and how they’ll support themselves, so we can’t imagine why they’d need to hurry things. Maybe they can at least wait on getting married until they’re legally old enough to make a champagne toast at the wedding.

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