5 Reasons We Want Tara to Stay Alive on True Blood
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True Blood

5 Reasons We Want Tara to Stay Alive on True Blood

Last time we checked in on Tara, half her head was splattered on Sookie’s kitchen floor. (Great, now where will Sook and Eric fangbang?)

As frustrating as it can be to listen to Tara whine about that time Franklin tied her to a toilet and made her his vamp bride, we still don’t want her to die.

After all, she’s been a fixture on True Blood since the pilot and the show just wouldn’t be the same without her snark.

Alan Ball has confirmed that Tara will be in season 5, and we’re hoping that she might make it out of that brain injury alive. Check out five reasons why we don’t want Tara to die!

1. She Brings Sarcasm to the Table

Without Tara’s ‘tude, True Blood would be about 25 percent less hilarious. She always has a quip in her holster, and let’s get real — she keeps Sookie in her place.

If it weren’t for Tara’s laugh-out-loud musings on the Sookster’s life, this fairytale princess would probably think bikini bottoms were acceptable work attire.

Don’t die on us, girl! Sarcasm saves lives!

2. She’ll Reunite Sookie With Eric!

As Tara lay dying in Sookie’s arms, Sookie let out one of her many gap-toothed screams. Well, we know what that means. Eric and Bill are about to rush in to save the day, and if there’s one breath of life left in Tara, one of these vamps will resuscitate her.

Not gonna lie, we’re hoping it’s Eric. How will Sookie be able to resist getting back together with her Viking King if he brings her bestie back to life?

Sigh, our hero!

5 Reasons We Want Tara to Stay Alive on True Blood
Credit: Facebook    

3. It’s Always Handy to Have a Cage Fighter Around

Tara reacted to her abduction and possession the way anyone would. By becoming a cage fighter in New Orleans. Girlfriend’s proven that she can kick butt — most recently when she saved Sookie from a bullet and almost got herself killed.

Let’s hope her brain heals so she can at least have the chance to audition for MTV’s Caged. Otherwise, her life really would suck.

4. We Need More Lady Love

True Blood is one of the most progressive shows on television, in that it features loads of LGBT characters and doesn’t just define them by their sexual identity.

That being said, there’s no denying how hot n’ steamy Tara’s girl-on-girl luvin’ was! Her character gave voice to gay cage fighters the world over, and if she dies, Bon Temps’ only lesbian will be Bill.

5. Her Death Would Be Too Much for Lafayette to Handle

We’re seriously worried about Lafayette. Someone better hand him his gold pants and a do-rag, because nothing but a fashion miracle is going to break him out of this Jesus-induced depression.

Poor Lala is already traumatized by his boyfriend’s untimely death, and if his cousin dies it might just be too much. Brujo-cide is not an option, so Tara better scoop her brains off the floor and come back to life.

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